Thursday, 19 July 2007

I am watching this minute...

is a movie about the one famous singer Tina Turner (my all time favourite) btw. That is why I am interesting to watch her life story. She got a lot of muscle thats for sure but that is one that made her famous as well (her muscles). But I like her voice the most.

But her life story behinds scenes was actually worst when she married to Ike the R&B act, which he (Ike) should thanks largely to Tina's vigorous and sexy stage presence. But Ike was an abusive drug addict, and Tina finally walked out on him with only 36 cents and a gas credit card in her possession. She refused to take anything in their 1978 divorce, preferring to live off food stamps as she raised four children. Michael Stewart, a former United Artists executive, began booking club dates for Tina, and in spite of the release of a couple of solo albums in the late Seventies, by the 1980 rolls around she's in debt and without a recording contract.

Tina Turner's story is perhaps the most highly-publicized aspect of turner's marriage to ike is the abuse that became an integral part of their relationship. for years, turner suffered in silence as her so-called husband used fear and intimidation to control his siren; despite being a skilled musician, ike realized that it was tina who was drawing the crowds and creating the record-selling hits. more than a decade of abuse came to a head when tina left ike with precious more than a gas card and a handful of change to her name. the ensuing divorce left tina responsible for months of unperformed bookings putting her deep into debt, even as she lived in fear of ike's retaliation. Is is a sad story yet devastating. I just can think of any woman who leave a miserable life as a battered wife and not find a way to get out of it. So sad and abusive.

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