Tuesday, 3 July 2007

How often you say these Words?

....I miss you! Whenever my husband is out to work I always send text messages with these words. I'd say it often as I could because thats how I feel when he is away from me even only a mile. He do in return as well by ringing me whenever he has a chance. Its a good way to kept a saucy relationships and became more intimate with each other. This will definitely give romance a chance to grow deeper each day. Yes it would because it does to me and my hubby. We feel more strongly in love every minute.

I'll tell you what, there should be a romance for everyone in different ways. Not just TO say it but should be strongly felt deep in your heart. To wish relation intimacy is to start and deprived it by not in your mouth alone but also in your actions. What a better place than to own a heart of someone you'll love. That's when our hearts say's I miss you when that special someone is away with you. Then you start missing him/her. Do you feel the same too?

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