Monday, 30 July 2007


My Hubby smokes but I never have except one time he took me to a shisha bar one time and they smell great and are such fun. Go and check they have a whole load of Hookahs to choose from and all the different tobaccos to smoke, they taste so much nicer than cigarettes and no butts to smell out the house. You dont have to do this on your own, you can get hookahs with lots of pipes so you can all sit around and smoke together it is fun, even better you can get herbal flavours with no tobacco so you can have the fun, all the flavours and no tobacco.

My Hubby likes apple best, but for me it has to be Mango!!! My hubby likes it he says from when he used to travel in the near east, he loves to sit and chat and use his pipe to wave and point, he is right to, it is so cool, so go get a hookah, get a set of mixed flavours tobacco or herbal and find the one you like best!! Check it out now.

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