Monday, 23 July 2007

Great Watches Brands

My dad's birthday will be soon. And I am thinking of getting him a watch since I was not able to get him one on fathers day because it was all out of stock. I hope this time I can get him and send it through wiring before the actual birthdate. But I am torn when it comes to choosing which one. My original plan was to get him the seiko 5 automatic. He does have it before and wanted to replace for its too old already. I dont know. But there are loads to choose which includes these great brands such as nikon, casio, nixon, prada and timex watches. Which one would my Dad prefer if he's given a choice? I really dont know. Perhaps I should just ask hubby. Woudn't it be great to get one of these branded watches for my dad's birthday? HE would be a very happy man. I better hurry and get the one I choose while still offer some discounts

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