Thursday, 12 July 2007

Get Out of Debt Today

Having your own credit card is good because it means you are being trusted. However it can be less handy when you used it more often it may caused overdrafting. I, on the other hand is not a big fan of credit card and wouldn't boast it to the world. I own one for the reason of emergency purposes and to be extravagant. I better off expeding the cash. I'm just aware of what my friend has got through in her life when she abusively used her credit card almost everyday and end up in debt. Her husband wasn't happy at all. Now they're still trying to sort out the debt she made and that should be a lesson lesson learnt. So lets get out out from debt as we can and if anyone struggle to control debt I suggest you see a credit counseling as soon as possible. Glad there is such for those people out there who badly need sorting out their debt problems.

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