Sunday, 1 July 2007

Get Gear-up to Play Paintball

There are millions of people who are a paintball addict. Blame them not. I assume this is a breathtaking games, if that many people love it. I haven't tried yet but I am up to try to find out how long would i take for me to get addicted to this Paintball thingy. Few hours I guess. But of course before I go and play I should take a look at this many especial made paintball gears and gadgets to make sure I know which one is great. I have an eye on this Tippmann paintball guns because they just looks too cool. It would surely look more cool if I wear a Paintball tactical vest. And what about this Paintball Mask? Ohhh surely I would definitely wear one of those just to make sure my pretty face safed. These are just cool Paintball gadgets guys. I try hard to resist the temptation. Perhaps I could go for a paintball packages which includes almost everything. I could save then. What intrigues me more is this Tippmann A-5. I can surely play with this one for hours. What do you think guys?

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