Tuesday, 24 July 2007

General FACT

My all time favourite sports

As a child I grew up watching basketball with my Father, brothers and friends. If its something you grew up with you can't just stop it whenever you like, it is somewhat an addiction for me. Not only that it is suitable for adult but kids at most. I am now missing back home everytime I talk about it, missed my friends to the extent my father whenever Iwatch the NBA Basketball is shown, and will end up remisnicing. I just couldn't believe how my Dad got me so addicted on this sports.

In regard of history....

I been researching about history of different countries with the hope that I might be able to learn and help me understand about culture differences. Finally I got to Nepal and as a history lover, I very keen to know about their ways of life, traditions and etc. As the matter of fact Nepal has been in my list of countries to visit, one day.

Aside from that, I am a music minded, films freak, and I am into new technologies (latest gadgets on the world). Not to mention a computer games addict, too. How about you? Are you as broad minded as me? Any interest at all? If so I can offer a good read for you. Just a blog away, really. As curious as me I do research a lot and until I founf a great blog to read on. Here's a link Da Ugly Devil's Heaven . Go and take a peek and sure you would love that blog. It has loads of terrefic entries that you might be interested and has a lot to learn about. For short very informative.

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