Monday, 23 July 2007

Funny & Flirty

This afternoon I was out working, I met this customer who is about 20 or 21 yrs old. He was clearly flirting at me and I just ignored him. He asked where I come from yet I didn't answer but smile since he is a customer, you know. He keep guessing if I come from spain, thailand or mexico? I said none of the above. [Laughs] All I said to him is, it none of his business, lols. Anyway he saw my wedding ring and was very disapointed. Here's what he said, Damn your married! Who's the lucky man? I was getting annoyed yet flattered at the same time. Who wouldn't? I have met loads of guy customer who were too flirt. Hayyyy! Its hard to be beautiful, I think. (Just Kidding) Lets just laugh, to stop the wrinkles appearing. I have these very handsome customer who looked just like Josh Harnett.

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Casey's Mom said...

that will inspire you to go to work. aron lingaw!lol di ka laayan ana kay daghan mopansin nimo haze. rare jud ang beauty. hahaha!