Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Exhausting,Annoying yet Fun

The joy of working as customer service is when meeting and handling nasty customers who would diliberately find ways to yelled at you. Yesterday I had a nasty customer who were clearly not happy when she's proven wrong after insisted of the dozen egg price. Yet she cancelled. Customer sometimes take advantage of their position. Not because they're customer but they cant always be right. I wonder if they have enough braincells. I was annoyed but because my work involve making customer happy, I managed to shut up and just bit my tongue off.

Apart from that, I enjoyed my day at work. I finished work at 7pm and 10 minutes passed I walked outside the store, just in time hubby and kids arrived to picked me up. We drove down to my father in-law's place in Amberley to say goodbye to his brothers and nephew's whom will fly home today and on the next day. They both married and have lived abroad where their wife's came from. We had a lovely time and hopefully we will see them in 2 yrs time. My day chilled at the end.

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