Thursday, 26 July 2007

Dreaming of Spain

Spain is one of my list country to travel upon this dream of mine. I would like to see whats the country is like and of course the people. I've heard about their great beaches around and their very friendly weather, too. Soon as I get my passport sorted we will definitely start to travel. Watch out Spain I'm coming there!

Speaking of Spain itself, what way of life do they have? What are big events that this country celebrates most and is there any great attractions for tourist? As the matter of fact Spain come out as the largest city holiday destination in the world. Do you wonder why? I think because it is only 1 to 4 hours away from tourists in the colder climates of Europe such as the UK, Germany, Russia and Scandinavia. Despite it is also popular place for doing business, holding conferences meetings and events in the major centres such as Madrid and Barcelona.

As for me travelling to spain as a tourist is a beautiful dream come true. The day will come that I shall see the place. Not only they have these beautiful beaches that clearly what attracts the visitors most they also offering sophisticated dining and entertainment to balance the beach going holiday makers. Is that elegant and luxurious spain is. But whats more is you can get plenty of super cheap accomodation available online. Any cities in Spain you would wish to go. Like Barcelona, you can accomodate within any hotels in Barcelona very cheaply and enjoyed their tourist spot attractions. Go as you wish as there are cheap hotels in Madrid. Don't you know that you can avail a last minute deal very cheap? And nothing you should worry about as there is a year round accomodation available, it means anytime as you like.

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David Airey :: Graphic Designer said...

Thanks for your kind comment on my 'face behind the blog' meme.

As for Spain, the bull run in Pamploma is a big attraction, or the town where they fill the streets with tomatos (can't remember it's name) and everyone gets covered!

Also, there's an annual 4-day music festival in Benicassim (every July) and it's superb!