Tuesday, 31 July 2007

A Chat with my Close friends

I have chatted my 2 close friends today (Sundeep and Tracy). I know them during my University days. They were my closest of all and we used to hangout together. We always chat every now and then. Tracy who is from Villaba Leyte and Sundeep from Bohol. They're both 3 yrs my junior but we laugh and joke like our age has no difference. Im so happy for them they're both now in love and happy. Tracy whom just got married to a Fil-am, who have lived in Texas for many years. But planning to move out to California because of the texas hot weather, I heard. They got married last month on a civil wedding but planning to have a church wedding by 2010. We are proudly invited to witness the ceremony as their principal sponsors. Were feel honoured, really. Sundeep, on the otherhand is now engaged to a Danish man and will tie the knot by March next year. I am proud again as she asked me to design her gown and invited us for their special day. So our planned is now changed. We will be visiting pinas next year on March and April instead of summer. Im excited! But I now need to start thinking of what design that would suit her.

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