Friday, 20 July 2007

Charity I favoured

What will I do if I am loaded or I have tons of tons of money setting on the bank? I may sound like I am bragging my kindness too much but when I am that person who have lots of money I would choose to support a charity like American Foundation for Disabled Children. Yes, no kidding. And I will make it clear that I won't do it just to claim fame or for myself sake but purely for the unfortunate children only. I always get so heartbroken whenever I see kids who are crippled or mentally disabled. I strongly believe that through helping the most unlucky children is a good way of showing love and thanking GOD of being lucky enough to be normal or complete. I dont know but I really do have a strong feelings towards them ( the unfortunate children ). Don't you? I am happy to know that American Foundation for Disabled Children has done something to make a little change for them. It has serves as an advocate for disabled children. The feeling is so different when you know you did something right in this world. Also it doesnt need to be rich to help because its not only about money but you can also help bu volunteering your own time for instance a charity work service within your area or any location that is near to you. Yout help and support does counts no matter how little it is. So I encouraged everyone to help charities.

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