Thursday, 19 July 2007

Can't make it Work

I have not done any chores today, I can't get my ass off from the PC. I have organising my other 2 domains and can get it work properly. I dont know what I have done wrong but it just dont work without the prefix (wwww). So this is what I'm fussing all day, basically. I hope hubby will fix it soon as he come home from work, as he promised. Ooooh...I can't help but think about it and the more I am try, the more failure it become. If only I could work it out. Its working already but of course if I tried it without the www prefix, it comes out error. What the heck? Its really pissing me off. Anyone can help? [LOLS] Will someone rescue me?

1 comment:

Casey's Mom said...

sunda lang to kang ana haze mao man to ako buhat. naayo raman ako domain.