Sunday, 22 July 2007

Just some RANTS

Another miserable weekend. It rained all day long today and yesterday. Just not as hard as in the afternoon or evening. More like a fine drizzle now. It's another cold and damp day, and all my wet and clean clothes are still inside the basket, waiting.....

You heard me complaints a lot when it comes to weather. I love England, no doubt. It has this green surroundings which I really like as a nature lover. As my husband says where do the green come from? If we dont have rain there won't have any green at all. Indeed true! But also, having some break from this wet and cold days can be nice, don't you think? I so wanted a sun and feel the warm of it. Its been months since I had the proper warm of the sun, lols.

Now I know why aircon is not a good business here in England. Because of their cold and miserable weather, if not all year. We hardly get a decent sun, at all. Not even remotely close to 65 degree's farenheit. Yes I dont like cold days. I can put up cold when its winter but when its summer it just damn right I complained. Don't you?

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