Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Another Broken Tandem

All that comes together will eventually fall apart. This is a law of nature that applies to every thing, everybody, and every situation. Nothing is permanent. Change will come, it's just the matter of time and method. And nowhere is this principle most dramatically (if not theathrically) fleshed out than in the human endeavour called marriage. I was so shocked after I heard the news about my favourite stars Ruffa Guiterrez) fallen marriage. How could it be? It seems they were the perfect couple in the whole wide world. I witnessed 4 yrs ago of their super lavished wedding. But 4 years later, it has announced that their marriage has fall apart. An annulment has been in the news lately because of Ruffa Guiterrez's teary declaration that her marriage to Turkish Yilmaz Bektas was over and that she was seeking to ahve it annulled. To find out more about Ruffa's fallen marriage just read more here .

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jennyR said...

grabeh mga marriages nila noh, di nagtatagal. i could not even think of someone from the showbiz na nagtagal,hehehe!