Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Wazz up! Wazz up!

Yeah, after my few nights away from keyboard, still find it very relaxing. My blogging mood is not really back yet. There were tons of opps and just diliberately blown it out. Just setting here doing nothing, browsing and not really thinking enough of what to write. Perhaps my rest was not enough, lol. Anyway I still feel sick and appetite is gently emerging. I am annoyed of our weather still, though. We dont have that much summer. I was out shopping today as a bragger I would like to share this out here. I didn't resist the temptation of buying some swimwear hoping that August will get warmer at least. I had enough enough of this crap weather actually. So please let me have the chance to show off my curves so I can have something to brag here in my blog next or else I will not entertain this envious person. [LAUGH] There is no much entertainment, yeah? Well avid readers of mine, I expect some bad comments again. I will be here waitin', OK?

Treat your Acne for Good

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I so hate having acne and whenever I encounter one I would definitely treat it with trilcear. I have few now from lack of sleep and probably bad diets. It doesn't show that much yet and I am keen to try this acne skin care solution so I can start to flaunt my beautiful face without make up on. What makes it good is, it contains no Benzoyl Peroxide and does not cause drying, redness or flaking. Each formula’s precise blend of nutrients and acne-fighting ingredients penetrates deep into skin to attack the source of acne while hydrating for a clear look and feel.

So feel fresh everyday. Get rid of acne in a days. Supply on demand, better try this 7 days free trial and see how appropriate it is to have. Weneever you have acne you gan treat it anytime. Try it out now!

A Chat with my Close friends

I have chatted my 2 close friends today (Sundeep and Tracy). I know them during my University days. They were my closest of all and we used to hangout together. We always chat every now and then. Tracy who is from Villaba Leyte and Sundeep from Bohol. They're both 3 yrs my junior but we laugh and joke like our age has no difference. Im so happy for them they're both now in love and happy. Tracy whom just got married to a Fil-am, who have lived in Texas for many years. But planning to move out to California because of the texas hot weather, I heard. They got married last month on a civil wedding but planning to have a church wedding by 2010. We are proudly invited to witness the ceremony as their principal sponsors. Were feel honoured, really. Sundeep, on the otherhand is now engaged to a Danish man and will tie the knot by March next year. I am proud again as she asked me to design her gown and invited us for their special day. So our planned is now changed. We will be visiting pinas next year on March and April instead of summer. Im excited! But I now need to start thinking of what design that would suit her.

Monday, 30 July 2007


My Hubby smokes but I never have except one time he took me to a shisha bar one time and they smell great and are such fun. Go and check www.hookahtown.com they have a whole load of Hookahs to choose from and all the different tobaccos to smoke, they taste so much nicer than cigarettes and no butts to smell out the house. You dont have to do this on your own, you can get hookahs with lots of pipes so you can all sit around and smoke together it is fun, even better you can get herbal flavours with no tobacco so you can have the fun, all the flavours and no tobacco.

My Hubby likes apple best, but for me it has to be Mango!!! My hubby likes it he says from when he used to travel in the near east, he loves to sit and chat and use his pipe to wave and point, he is right to, it is so cool, so go get a hookah, get a set of mixed flavours tobacco or herbal and find the one you like best!! Check it out now.

Digi-scrappers Sunday

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Join digi-scrapping sunday here


Hello Sunshine kit by Mary

Papers, embellishment, etc's

During our holiday last year 2006. Me and kath had a little swim by the resort pool in Virgin Beach. It was such a nice place.

Saturday, 28 July 2007

Why do People Get so Envious?

Why me? Does it means I am more beautiful than them? I am more succesful than them? So why shouldn't they spend their time minding their own business and perhaps can do a little make over just to get them satisfied of theirself? Why waste time of others while they have their self need some looking after? I dont understand why people do this? Can you? Is it a jealousy?

Ooooh....can't guess who?

I had a chat with Angie when she reminds me that I could actually trace that monster who commented on my previous post (as you can all see there is 4 comments but one has been deleted) right? There is a reason for that, it was a bad comments from the girl who are nothing but a nasty piece of s**t. There is actually someone who's been secretly felt jealous and insecure towards me, no idea why? As far as I am concern blogging is somewhat an online diary where you can write anything you want to. However for someone as idiot as this person, she dont understand what blog is all about. Perhaps a bad seed is always a bad seed (no breeding).

Not to offend my friends from texas though but unfortunately this person is from there according to my site meter. I did traced up but only the Location, IP address and her Internet service showed up, as she disabled most of it. Clearly she ain't that clever. Just being a coward. I been receiving anonymous comments from someone who is devious. I bet it is the same person, way back 2 yrs ago. Sometimes she even hide from the identity of "Grace". But prefer to be mysterious.

Here's what she got to say btw;

Mahangin ba sa labas? Ingon ani diay ni dri mag pa sibantugay, or i mean not all but i have been noticed your blog here...sounds like more on bragging!!!

It means she is an avid reader of mine and can't stand that I am happy in every little thing I have and I proud to write it down here in my online diary. To share with friends and family. If you don't like my post then you should just back off?

Friday, 27 July 2007

I thank "YOU"

I was just having a little break away from my PC last night and the whole day today. I think its good for me and my eyes especially. Its weekend as well and need some quality time for family. But tonight I decided to open-up my PC and to see some possible opps aside from the left-over last time. But little did I know, unnoticing the expiration and I'll let 6 opps expired. I blown out 6 opps! What a waste of $60 bucks. Well I am bragger apparently, according to my anonymous readers who left some nice comments. But hey, I will make an entry about it later, OK! But first I have to take a pics of my new phone to brag about, hehehehe. I am bragger, what do you expect?

Best Cocktail and Drinks Recipe's

I have always thought mixing drinks can be complicated and I tried one time ago with the help of this Mixed Drink Recipes and it was not that difficult after all. Do you wan to try? You can register and be an active member. Learn many ways on how to mix drinks. You can of course join their forums where members can freely discuss anything, it can be the mixed drinks process and how they become expert about it, also you can meet up new friends.

This site is however the largest online repository of cocktail recipes with thousands of drink recipe's available. If you try and learn be a member and whenever there is a party around you can do the bartender job, happy mixing drinks while enjoying the party. Isn' it cool? What about a drinking Games? Would it be possible as well. No you can do a drinking games, too. Visit www.supercocktails.com and learn differents ways and within days you sure are good to go.

Interested? Check it out!

Get me out...

I think I need a break away from my PC. I can't think of anything anymore but my blog..blog and blog. Im addicted I need some time to be away with it. But hey I will be working tomorrow so that will be a chance for me to take my eyes off from my notebook. I supposed to write my tagged from Dauph but I probably do it later. Right now I need to get my a** off from my blog or else I will forget my bedtime. Got to do some clearing up before I finally go to my bed anyway. I can't sleep thinking of our messy house. Just to take some clutters away, ready for tomorrow for my babysitter. She might think that I am disgusting wife, hehehehe.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Dreaming of Spain

Spain is one of my list country to travel upon this dream of mine. I would like to see whats the country is like and of course the people. I've heard about their great beaches around and their very friendly weather, too. Soon as I get my passport sorted we will definitely start to travel. Watch out Spain I'm coming there!

Speaking of Spain itself, what way of life do they have? What are big events that this country celebrates most and is there any great attractions for tourist? As the matter of fact Spain come out as the largest city holiday destination in the world. Do you wonder why? I think because it is only 1 to 4 hours away from tourists in the colder climates of Europe such as the UK, Germany, Russia and Scandinavia. Despite it is also popular place for doing business, holding conferences meetings and events in the major centres such as Madrid and Barcelona.

As for me travelling to spain as a tourist is a beautiful dream come true. The day will come that I shall see the place. Not only they have these beautiful beaches that clearly what attracts the visitors most they also offering sophisticated dining and entertainment to balance the beach going holiday makers. Is that elegant and luxurious spain is. But whats more is you can get plenty of super cheap accomodation available online. Any cities in Spain you would wish to go. Like Barcelona, you can accomodate within any hotels in Barcelona very cheaply and enjoyed their tourist spot attractions. Go as you wish as there are cheap hotels in Madrid. Don't you know that you can avail a last minute deal very cheap? And nothing you should worry about as there is a year round accomodation available, it means anytime as you like.

So, ready to fulfill your Spain dream? Then you should get the cheapest accomodation and hotels online only at http://wwww.cheaperthanhotels.co.uk and make that dream come true in a cheap and affordable way.

My New Mobile is soon to Arrive

Hubby is already ordered my new mobile upgrade for this year. I have it upgrade every year and this time Im going to have the samsung u600. The one I first like was t269 but the company introduce to hubby the latest model of samsung which is the u600 and hubby didn't hesitate to order it for me. Such a generous man. I felt like Im spoilt by him, lols. So Im really is excited to have my new phone. Im bored of my n80 (nokia) I think it is too bulky and heavy. So I opted an ultra light this time.

Why you Should United Kingdom

Have you had a thought of visiting here in United Kingdom? Perhaps to see some old historical buildings and attractions? Not to mention the buckingham palace, towers of london, Big Ben, House of Parliament and many more. Travelling teach us great things, to learn the great british heritage for example. Also to see how are british people lived? What London are like. United kingdom has lot to offers to all visitors, tourist and guests. From time to time they have look after their heritage and attractions and have kept the maintenance all along. There are lots in United Kingdom for you to discover. Not only of its cold weather, though I complaint a lot about it but I just didn't realised yet whats behind of this country, nevertheless I plan to get to know and travel here before anywhere else. Difinitely travelling is one of my likes.

So think ahead and plan a trip over here and you'll see tons of uncountable events that you'll never seen anywhere. Such as the big Filipino festivals, Edinburgh festivals, the Olympic in 2012, London marathon and many of these great events that you can only see here in UK. When you are through of your planning you can check out these London accomodation, hotels in London which I believe are pretty reasonable rates. Plus there is a last minute deal if short of time to book. Pretty cheap and you would not regret taking this last minute deal. If not you can a year round hotels which encloses the best rates.

London as you heard is such a great city since it is the capital city of England and of United Kingdom, too. Edinburgh is slighty different in London but also has a lot to see out there like their fiestivals, and a lot more. Of course their a cheaper accomodation if you'll check the Edinburgh hotels which they have some great deal ahead of you.

Another part secondary cities in United Kingdon is the Manchester is where the top football team are about. Like London it is as well a great city with lots of beautiful spots for tourist to see. Take a peek of their Manchester hotels to complete your travel package. Dont jump out to the plane without stopping by in Manchester as city itself has much to offer for you.

For more information about Britain and London visit http://www.visitlondon.com or tp://www.visitbritain.com. And to find out more about the tourismrankings. Its great and I assure your trip will be worth and affordable.

Just a little something to remind me Home

I found this video all over you tube and google. The reason I embeded this, is because of the song. It just remind me completely about philippines (my hometown). I always think this song is hilarious even way back when it first come out. I couldn't help but laugh loud whenever I heard this. And it beens years since I last heard of this song until last night when hubby showed it to me and ask him if there is way I could embed it and post it here for a laugh. And here it is.....lets just laugh out out. Dont you think this song is totally funny? Anyway, all this people are a prisoners is CBRC and credit to them they cooperated really well. Well done people!

Cheap Sydney Accomodations

Planning a trip to Sydney Australia and looking for the best accomodations yet affordable? Because I've got a site that can help you through. There is loads of Sydney hotels in a low and cheap rates. Visit www.cheaperthanhotels.co.au and they have lots to offer for you. Offers pretty cheap from 5 stars below with a great rates available online. The hotels in Sydney and accomodation in sydney provides a great range of suitable alternatives for travellers, tourists, business people and families alike. Such as the Darling Harbour Hotels which is ideally positioned on both the City and Pyrmont side of a bay off of the main Sydney Harbour. Offers a great attraction to any visitors, an overlooking to the sea.

Sydney is a great city and I love to go there one day. As to my husband he would even consider it as a his list of place to live. Not to mention of great amenities sydney has to offer. Visitors have no days without doing activities for sure as it it hotels vary to those hotels who are pretty much accessible to most of the great attractions in the city. Not that you only enjoy so much but also its a guarantee that you'll save bucks and bucks when you avail this cheap hotels in Sydney which I bet you'll do.

Read this to know me more...

A tag from Annie

Three things that scare me
1. Snake
2. If my kids turn out unpleasant adult
3. not saving my soul - death itself dosn't scare me at all coz I know life has to end sometime.

Three people who make me laugh
1. my kids
2. my husband who is a real clown, lols.
3. people who are up on their own a**.

Three things I love
1. internet - its pretty obvious
2. chocolates
3. gadgets

Three things I hate
1. being laugh at
2. when my internet connection is being down
3. viruses

Three things I don’t understand
1. men
2. weather here in England
3. why people go to war with over of a loving God

Three things on my desk
1. my midnight snacks (bread roll and fresh milk)
2. celphone and camera
3. oxford dictionary

Three things I am doing right now
1. nursing my son
2. eating my snacks
3. writing this entry

Three things I want to do before I die
1. travel around the globe
2. walk in the moon
3. see my children grown up happy and secured

Three things I can do
1. I can climb a palm tree
2. I can kill a chicken
3. I can dance do ballroom dancing, hahahaha.

Three things I can’t do
1. cheat my husband
2. hurt my children's feeling
3. abandoning my parents

Three things I think I should listen to
1. God Words
2. myself
3. world news

Three things you should never listen to
1. what "They" say
2. fortune teller
3. some neighbor gossipers

Three things I would like to learn
1. Dental Practice
2. Tennis
3. flying a helicopter

Three favourite foods
1. Italian foods
2. Filipino foods
3. Chinese foods

Three shows I watched as a kid….or when I am here already
1. A teleserye of Maria Clara
2. MTV
3. Eat bulaga

Three people I am tagging
1. Angie
2. Annabel my - my lil sis
3. Abygail

Want to Test your PC Speed?

I am such a curious woman and wouldn't leave any thing unsolved. There are times my PC connection is pretty slow and I get pissed about it. But it is an on and off, sometimes it is faster and sometimes its slower. I just ignored it for few days but it happens again and again. It is very annoying you know. However I found a great solution on my least problem. An internet speed testing, basically I can test up my internet speed and the result can be seen within a seconds. I didn't hesitate to try on testing this free internet speed test.

And here is the result:

Download Speed: 1158 kbps (144.8 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 360 kbps (45 KB/sec transfer rate)

Computing is actually fun as well as productive and whenever possible it should be both. This internet speed test has lots to offer like you can repair or tailor your computer to suit your needs and come away with a sense of satisfaction from the endeavor itself. But you must take a note of this, before you do these tweaks, you should do a complete backup to make sure you won't lose anything just in case. I feel a lot secure now that I know I can do any internet speed test at anytime.


One great advantage of filipino fiesta is getting food that I cannot get over here. Fish for example and many other filipino goodies like phillippine mango, jellyace, dried fish and etc. I always get excited of the event, not very different fiesta in my hometown that I used to. Whenever the event is approaching. As as filipino, only one reason of my attendance. And you know what it is, don't you? Its because of the food. Last few weeks we went to fiesta twice and I was taking advantage of the opportunity and stuffed my face until I exploded. All I did was set on the ground all day chi-chatting with few friends and eat. While hubby were strolling around looking something especial for me. Sweet! Yes, he came back with my tuna (adobo flavour) and a box of mango and few other goodies. Sweetcorn is one of them and I though it wont taste as nice as I used to eat in Cebu. But I was proven wrong and it was very tasty that I couldn't get enough. Now I start craving for it again, lols.

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Interracial Online Dating

Being different is what it makes more exciting. Online dating has help many people finding their love and happiness. Interacial are most common, different cultures but still they manageg to adjust and accept the diefferences. Thats is in fact the most important factor in relationship. Internet dating is very popular these days. I know most of my friend found their dream partner through online dating site. And I've seen most are living happily. So if you believe that race is not a problem in one's relationship then you consider an interacial romance. So, dont be hesitant to find a date through online and dont be scared of being different because in the eyes of God we are all the same. We all have the right to be happy in any ways. Fill that missing piece in your heart only in interracial dating and who knows your luck of finding your soulmate is right there. Sign up and be a member, start sharing your likes and dreams and enjoy exchanging facts through their provided chatroom and many more feats that I think you will like.

A Tag from Agring

What's Your Best Quality?
Your Result: Loving

Your best quality is loving! People like you because of your loving nature. You are a nice person that cares about others. Your loving nature makes you a good friend.

Sense of Humor
What's Your Best Quality?
Take More Quizzes

I'll kindly pass this tag to Anyone

Thanks Agring for this fun and cool tag....

About Liposuction

Liposuction is the most common plastic surgery procedure. The reason is simple: The results tend to be excellent, and many of us have body areas which we wish were thinner. Liposuction is an operation to remove fat from areas of your body, such as the upper thighs or abdomen. As far as I know self image has many components. Increased feelings of well-being. Breast Augmentation. Breast Uplift. Breast Reduction. Face LiftNose Reshaping. Ear Reshaping. Liposculpture. Abdominoplasty. People with a good self-image function effectively in their work, feel secure in their relationships, and interact positively with others. Self-image has many components, but one of the most important is appearance.The correction of even a very small cosmetic imperfection can make a positive change to many people, and greatly increase their feelings of well-being and self-worth.

The fact is not as many people who are happy of their looks and body. For that reason los angeles liposuction has been helping many people globally. Be happy as you can be if not because of your looks then having a surgery in an alternative. There is no reason for you to frown because beverly hills liposuction is now available online to help not only for women but for men as well. So those men who thinks they need some getting rid of their unwanted flab, beverly hills is the right spot for you.

Do you want to be reform? Bodybuild and everything? Wants a whole body surgery? There is actually one that sure could do the job. The beverly hills liposculpture it means some of your fats will be taken from one area of your body, such as the thighs or stomach, and injected into another area to fill it out. It can also be used on your face to improve the appearance of wrinkles, crow's feet, laughter lines, some types of scar, sunken cheeks and other indented areas of skin. Also to fill out the back of your hands, too. Liposculpture can be used in conjunction with other treatments including laser resurfacing or chemical peels to treat severe facial wrinkles. Eventually you can wear little and boost afterwards. Its actually a good deal. What do you think?

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

General FACT

My all time favourite sports

As a child I grew up watching basketball with my Father, brothers and friends. If its something you grew up with you can't just stop it whenever you like, it is somewhat an addiction for me. Not only that it is suitable for adult but kids at most. I am now missing back home everytime I talk about it, missed my friends to the extent my father whenever Iwatch the NBA Basketball is shown, and will end up remisnicing. I just couldn't believe how my Dad got me so addicted on this sports.

In regard of history....

I been researching about history of different countries with the hope that I might be able to learn and help me understand about culture differences. Finally I got to Nepal and as a history lover, I very keen to know about their ways of life, traditions and etc. As the matter of fact Nepal has been in my list of countries to visit, one day.

Aside from that, I am a music minded, films freak, and I am into new technologies (latest gadgets on the world). Not to mention a computer games addict, too. How about you? Are you as broad minded as me? Any interest at all? If so I can offer a good read for you. Just a blog away, really. As curious as me I do research a lot and until I founf a great blog to read on. Here's a link Da Ugly Devil's Heaven . Go and take a peek and sure you would love that blog. It has loads of terrefic entries that you might be interested and has a lot to learn about. For short very informative.

I consider having Plastic Surgery in the Future

Are you not happy of what you look? Its pretty hard at times when you dont want to be you. I am the same, there are times that I have feel insecured about, like my nose. It is much broader shape and I really hate it. I just want it to be more shapely smaller and not wider, perhaps longer where I could wear sunglasses without dropping it off, lols. I was investigating through the net about plastic surgery, and I came across to this great beverly hills plastic surgery and I was like "WOW". The most neat offices and are designed to afford the maximum comfort for every customers. What is the most advantage about them is their surgical facilities which built and run at the uppermost standards, just to ensure the highest level of safety. Not to mention their fully trained medical staff whom graduated from the finest universities. So I wouldn't need to worry about the safetiness they can offer.

Anyway, another part of my body that is in need of surgery is my chest as it is very small and flat. I know how sag it will become soon as I stop nursing my baby. I can't imagine. I am planning to have a boobs job not to get it bigger but just regain the sized that I originally have. And also to have it firmer that it used to. Hard to be a woman, isn't it? But I would not do it soon but maybe later when I feel like I need to, hehehe. There is an optimal age limit for breast augmentation surgery varies, anyway. It is generally done after the development of the mammary glands is completed, which is not before the age of eighteen. Regarding pregnancy, it is recommended that breast augmentation surgery only be preformed when the woman does not plan any pregnancies because pregnancy and breast-feeding result in changes of volume, producing a negative effect on the results of the breast augmentation surgery. There a beverly hills breast augmentation when I need one, it can be now or later it doesnt matter. the fact is I know where to go in the future. So are you.

Moreover, if you have been thinking about a rhinoplasty in Los Angeles, the beverly hills rhinoplasty can help. So I can do my nose job here for sure. But when its that gonna happen? Probably not until I'm brave enough to go through the pain. Rhinoplasty is the name of the operation performed on the nose to change its shape, or size, or both. In order to understand what can achieved by rhinoplasty, it is necessary to have an understanding of the basic anatomy of the nose. It is the best by far.

I Recommend ClubZ

Do you know someone's kids or perhaps your own kids who you think have struggles their logistic skills? I have come across to this special math tutoring site who have helped more than 100,000 students improve their grades. If you want your kids to be more productive in the future then let them have a tutor especially in Math. It would be great for them that we have do something to help them reach their goal, by help them builing their self-academic confidence. For that matter they could potentially reach their potential.

Baby Story

Once there was a beautiful pond in the shade of a very big weeping willow tree. It was surrounded by beautiful flowers and green grasses. When the wind blew, the weeping willow's branches started to dance and the scent of flowers and the grasses spread out every where. Lots of animals and insects were living in or near this pond. Rabbits, sparrows, fish, butterflies, dragonflies, and a little green frog. His name was Toddy. Yes! Our story is about him.

Nobody knew how he came to be there, not even him. He just knew that he was born in that pond and he was alone. Toddy was very kind and all the animals and insects loved him. But suddenly he was faced with a big problem. He lost his belief in himself.
When did it start? I'll tell you!!

Continue reading here........

My Personal View

Have you heard about the chicago tribune article recently? The Chicago Tribune had publish an article about their factory in Whiting, Indiana. The article was not that bad really but they managed to leave out quite a few strong facts that would have made it even better. Instead, they put BP and it’s practices in a negative light. They stated that the BP factory was dumping 54 percent ammonia and 35 percent sludge into Lake Michigan, with permission. However BP have plans to spent some $3 billion to modernise the plant just to create energy security and diversity so the people in Indiana can benifits with it. BP will give the assurance that only treated water will be flowed into Lake Michigan within legal limits to ensure that it won't harm the people or the environment.

I know it has many companies and corporations expand their business without concern the environment. Many of them only think about profits and how to cut expenses. So the environment issue has become a very sensitive topic. Many Environmentalists are furious of the situation and push companies to constantly dispose their factory waste in the environmentally friendly. As a reader I am keen to know both sides of the story and did some research before I share my conclusion. While surfing the net to find out more about BP, I found that they have about 1,700 employees and another 1,500 contract workers. The planned modernization will create new jobs for about 2,000 contract workers during peak construction, as well as an estimated 80 full-time BP employees when complete. Personally I think its great that they have a promising future and looks like the company itself has look forward to work itself for more years to come. Read more about the BP Whiting Refinery Fact Sheet here. And lets hear your side of the story.

Take note of this objective;

-Only treated water into Lake Michigan
-Well within legal limits
-No harm to people or the environment
-Continuous improvement
-Modern technology
-Collaborative, transparent approach
-Fuel for the Midwest
-Jobs now and in the future

Monday, 23 July 2007

They Get on Really Well

My daughter met her cousin Sarah for the first time .She is a half-indian and half-english, a daughter of hubby's step brother. They have lived in Canada since they got married. Sarah's Mum's (Jenny) is a half-indian and half-english. Kath and Sarah really got on well for the day they met. They played each other. Sarah adores Kathleen so much and vice versa. They just look so sweet and they have lots in common, for instance they both are camera lover. So while they played I asked and took a picture of them (shown above) . They both asked each other when will be the next time they can see and play each other again? We said not until in 2 yrs time. Huh! Pretty long, yeah? Anyway they both look so cute!

Vending Machines

Do you want to own a business and be your own boss? Get to own a vending machines through vendstar. It is known as the world’s largest bulk vending machine company, you can join in this rich tradition that Americans have enjoyed for over 100 years. Do you know that this bulk vending machines are a 100% cash business and can even provide up to an 80% profit margin. They also offer the opportunity to work from home and set your own hours. How convenient is that for anyone who prefer working at home, especially the stay at home Mum like most mother I know. Its grest to be build business by venstar and be your own boss. No one can tell you off but yourself. In vendstar you can view hundreds of thousands of company profiles by simply searching it through. High opporunity for your business to expand and gain profits. So, start your business at vendstar.

A Method of Healing

You will find information on non-drug, non-surgical methods of preventing and treating illness. Methods of Healing is one of the topics in focus at Global Oneness. How it works? In the same way as medicines cure a disease by cumulative vibrational qualities, gemstones can counteract afflictions caused by the negative planetary effects. It is somewhat herbal, and today, you may think in this technologically advanced society, (as I sit by my computer writing this, and you sit by yours reading it) there are a whole range of patented chemical drugs tailored for all ailments, so why use herbal medicines? "Alternative medicine and complementary medicine is great for healing some health conditions. We have compiled a huge list of different types of health conditions and provided information on how to use healing treatments to help with different sicknesses, illness and abnormalities." Thats according to the methodofhealing.com.

Do you know a dietician? I think you may have heard about it. They are the experts who will tell you on how to lose weight and what to ‘not eat’! I know many people visit dietitians or nutritionists as a last-ditch effort in their fight against the mighty flab. But did you know they are more than that? A qualified dietitian undertakes different job obligations depending on his capacity and training. They are taught to understand about the proper nutrition and to give advise or information to people who needed one. So in method of healing dietitian is one of the people who can also teach you the ways.

Lets put it this way, you wanted to lose some weight and for that reason you need a dietitian or experts to help you keep track your daily diet and balance it out. Like when your prune to somekind of Hypothyroidism. But you can prevent it early as you can by thyromine. It can fix you up. There are herbs and vitamins as well in the product to stimulate the metabolism, lower bad cholesterol, regulate body stress levels and treat digestive issues. Never worry now for there is a
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Great Watches Brands

My dad's birthday will be soon. And I am thinking of getting him a watch since I was not able to get him one on fathers day because it was all out of stock. I hope this time I can get him and send it through wiring before the actual birthdate. But I am torn when it comes to choosing which one. My original plan was to get him the seiko 5 automatic. He does have it before and wanted to replace for its too old already. I dont know. But there are loads to choose which includes these great brands such as nikon, casio, nixon, prada and timex watches. Which one would my Dad prefer if he's given a choice? I really dont know. Perhaps I should just ask hubby. Woudn't it be great to get one of these branded watches for my dad's birthday? HE would be a very happy man. I better hurry and get the one I choose while redbird.com.au still offer some discounts

Funny & Flirty

This afternoon I was out working, I met this customer who is about 20 or 21 yrs old. He was clearly flirting at me and I just ignored him. He asked where I come from yet I didn't answer but smile since he is a customer, you know. He keep guessing if I come from spain, thailand or mexico? I said none of the above. [Laughs] All I said to him is, it none of his business, lols. Anyway he saw my wedding ring and was very disapointed. Here's what he said, Damn your married! Who's the lucky man? I was getting annoyed yet flattered at the same time. Who wouldn't? I have met loads of guy customer who were too flirt. Hayyyy! Its hard to be beautiful, I think. (Just Kidding) Lets just laugh, to stop the wrinkles appearing. I have these very handsome customer who looked just like Josh Harnett.

How do I choose a last minute hotel?

Last minute hotel deals and late offers are available to book up to the day before your first night. Wherever you want to take your break you'll find great late deals and last minute hotel offers across the UK only in hotelshopuk. So, If I were to choose a last minute booking, I would choose a hotel with great attractions nearby and reasonable rates of course. Why not? I so love attractions and when I find some hotels that is accessible to great attractions and rooms is presentable and neat, I pressumably go for it. However, rates must also be negotiable and affordable. Low rates is great of course. But I can just grab whatever the closest offers available. Also if there ain't any low rates offers in last minute hotels, I would just consider the full price payment just to get what I want, once in a lifetime luxury for instance. I think paying pretty cheap hotels and not happy afterwards, whats exactly the point? Clearly you dont like it, only ruined your only pleasure, I better not unless its cheap and good room size and location wise, most especially the toilets is a-must clean. Having a break only happens once, you know? So its just right to enjoy every minute of it. Indulge and enjoy the short-break. But common, I love to get great deals in my last minute booking. Don't you?

So this summer (if there is any) we have plan to go to Legoland, for kids and of course for me and hubby to take a break from work and internet. Just to spend some reall quality time without it, would be nice. But of course we haven't decided where to stay yet. As if were that organise, lols. We always end up finding a hotel room in last minute. Just glad to have this site who offers some special rates to get the best short break we could have. And to be able to avail the low rates they offer is just something you really need. Save money on our break by booking one of this great last minute hotel offers. Take a late break anywhere in UK, book a last minute deal, find a low rate offer. This is all we need.

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  • Sunday, 22 July 2007

    Just some RANTS

    Another miserable weekend. It rained all day long today and yesterday. Just not as hard as in the afternoon or evening. More like a fine drizzle now. It's another cold and damp day, and all my wet and clean clothes are still inside the basket, waiting.....

    You heard me complaints a lot when it comes to weather. I love England, no doubt. It has this green surroundings which I really like as a nature lover. As my husband says where do the green come from? If we dont have rain there won't have any green at all. Indeed true! But also, having some break from this wet and cold days can be nice, don't you think? I so wanted a sun and feel the warm of it. Its been months since I had the proper warm of the sun, lols.

    Now I know why aircon is not a good business here in England. Because of their cold and miserable weather, if not all year. We hardly get a decent sun, at all. Not even remotely close to 65 degree's farenheit. Yes I dont like cold days. I can put up cold when its winter but when its summer it just damn right I complained. Don't you?

    Drug Referral Program-No Fee

    Got a love one that is a drug addict? Or perhaps some friends you know who are alcoholic? Wanna help them to stop? Some referral service can help as they probably know that one of the most important, life-changing decisions you'll ever make is choosing a drug rehab program and it can be overwhelming. However, there is a solution, if your willing, you can get help from 1-800-No-Drugs. They're available to help assist your needs. It is the leading independent centre of information and expertise on drugs. What their aim is to inform policy development and reduce drug-related harms – to individuals, families and communities. They can provide you so that you can find the best rehab program whether it's for you, a family member or a loved one.They also provide quality drug information, promote effective responses to drug use, undertake research, advise on policy-making and good practice, and speak for our members working in drug treatment, education and prevention and other areas.

    They offer an international network of drug treatment whichever they think will suit individual needs. I know that many addicts believe they can overcome their addiction on their own. Decidedly, this is not what usually happens. Statistically, long term success is rarely achieved when an addict tries to detox or stop using without professional help. That is why 1-800-No-Drugs is keen to help and created the best referral program. We must all know who are concerns that fighting not only the desire for their drug of choice, an awakening of their past, and changes in their brain activity, it is no surprise that to stop using drugs without completing a thorough addiction treatment is a difficult battle. As a matter of fact, it's almost impossible.

    Let us discuss about prescription drug addiction . Loads of people are abusing or becoming addicted to prescription drugs, they just never know. Chances are you, or someone you know, is struggling with addiction to prescription drugs. Maybe it’s your spouse, a relative, a friend, or a casual acquaintance. Maybe it’s you. Maybe you’re not even sure if the drug use has shifted from therapeutic to abusive. So if your not too sure, ask help or report the case scenario's or call and contact 1-800-No-Drugs.com.

    I was out like a Light

    After days of sleepless nights, I finally got to the point that I was too exhausted that I feel asleep in our Sofa last night, lols. When I woke up it was already morning and I just remembered I forgot to write any of my opps. Gawd! Thats how tired I was. I am too occupied of this blogging and adding new domains every now and then. I am too addicted and to think on how I suppose to manage all of it. Ewwwww! Silly me! Anyway, I still didn't work it out what's wrong about my domain but for now I leave it like that, though its working but there are few things that need some be re-doing or in need of adjustment. I hope hubby would be able to do it for me tonight, if not tomorrow. So there you go missing out some opps for my domains, hahahaha. So wanna peek my new domain? Go and see The Great Films and come Discover Fashion with me. Feel free to link, too. Leave message or your link if you want me to add you in my blogroll.

    Saturday, 21 July 2007

    The Lead Dogs

    Thinking through how to generate sales leads? I tell you that Lead generation is really what you need. It is a new form of gaining new business, but it now has a new approach. Rather than sitting at a trade show table for hours on end, or sitting up a display in hopes that targeted consumers will complete a form, you can have leads generated and sent to you using the technology of the Internet online. At The Lead Dogs, one thing is sure they will lead you into getting the high-quality b-to-b sales leads that turn into sales and on that reason is pure business that can generates more sales and bring your business more profitable. Thats why the trends show that lead generation will become even more popular in the future, especially for service oriented businesses.

    Friday, 20 July 2007

    Charity I favoured

    What will I do if I am loaded or I have tons of tons of money setting on the bank? I may sound like I am bragging my kindness too much but when I am that person who have lots of money I would choose to support a charity like American Foundation for Disabled Children. Yes, no kidding. And I will make it clear that I won't do it just to claim fame or for myself sake but purely for the unfortunate children only. I always get so heartbroken whenever I see kids who are crippled or mentally disabled. I strongly believe that through helping the most unlucky children is a good way of showing love and thanking GOD of being lucky enough to be normal or complete. I dont know but I really do have a strong feelings towards them ( the unfortunate children ). Don't you? I am happy to know that American Foundation for Disabled Children has done something to make a little change for them. It has serves as an advocate for disabled children. The feeling is so different when you know you did something right in this world. Also it doesnt need to be rich to help because its not only about money but you can also help bu volunteering your own time for instance a charity work service within your area or any location that is near to you. Yout help and support does counts no matter how little it is. So I encouraged everyone to help charities.

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    Bulleyes Tattoos

    I dream of having tatoo in my back just above in my butt, hehehe. Yes since I was only 14 yrs old I always know I wanted one. The reason I haven't got one until now because of the pain I am going through. I can't abide having to feel pain. What design I always wanted is a beautiful flower just exactly like what they have in Tattoo Designs at bullseyetattoos.com. When I see it I am feeling a bit brave to go for it. Wouldn't it be cool to have tattoo, at least one. I am such an artictic and I consider body tattoo's is a kind of art. I would try hard to have one soon, if not later.

    The reason of Separation, Could this be True?

    Whom the gods want to destroy, they first make crazy.

    This could be the underlying theme of two reality shows, pitting members of prominent families against each other—complete with intrigues, suspense, pathos, falling in love, and failing out of love—with an international backdrop, that have regaled Filipino audiences for a while.

    There have been so many dramatic twists in the plot—some bizarre, some incredulous—that made every episode intriguing. And yes, funny!

    Lets zoom in on the first reality show: Bektas vs. Bektas. First it was first reported as just a simple family problem. Because of the distance and culture shock (Turkish millionaire Yilmaz Bektas, the husband, is a Muslim and lives in Istanbul while the wife, TV host Ruffa Gutierrez, is a Christian and lives in Manila), the two have decided to go on trial separation.

    On several TV interviews, Ruffa, for a while, refused to tell why she was seeking a divorce. Was she a battered wife? Did Yilmaz hurt her? Were there irreconcilable differences? Yilmaz called her a “good actress.” She simply closed her eyes to keep the tears from falling. Then softly, she mumbled that she loves her husband very much.

    But since then, there were several twists. Granting TV interviews from his mansion in Istanbul (ABS-CBN sent its Europe Bureau chief, Danny Buenafe, to Istanbul), Bektas charged that it was his mother-in-law, Annabelle Rama, who had wanted him and Ruffa to split. In another interview, this time with GMA 7, Bektas said there was really no need for divorce, because Ruffa was married to a certain Richard Daloia in Las Vegas in 1999 and that their subsequent grand wedding in Manila in 2003 was null and void from the beginning.

    After that, Ruffa dropped a bombshell. She admitted that Bektas abused and tortured her, beating and kicking her at worst for 15 hours. “He would do everything to me. He cut my hair. He kicked me. He locked me up in a cabinet,” Ruffa narrated.

    Asked why her husband would do that to her, she replied: “Wala. Sira ulo lang siya. [Nothing. He is just crazy].”

    Now the Ruffa-Yilmaz drama has subsided a little but new complications could develop as the threat of Yilmaz to harm her and kidnap their two daughters remains. In another ABS-CBTV interview, Yilmaz, in broken English, has warned Ruffa not to use their two children in her TV appearances, adding that something could happen to her if she insists on doing it. Ruffa, who has resumed her TV and movie career, is now being provided with police escorts.

    Free Online Dating Site

    Joining online latina dating is fun, good people, and romance is what they're all about. Latina are not only beautifuls but also easy to be with. So if your keen to meet latin personals then you need to join at latinaromance.com. If you need some love, partners, romance it is a perfect place for you to look at that special someone you been longing for. Since you will become a member, make sure you take advantage of their community where it allows you to easily find your perfect match. Dont worry it is hundred percent free membership. No cost for you. The only capital you need is not money but honesty and loyalty. Who knows by tomorrow you will boast the soulmate you may find. Ooohh, I forgot to mention that Latina are known to be a best lovers on earth. So there you go, another great reason to join. Look for that missing soulmate now!

    Meet Imelda

    Got you? I know you think of other Imelda, didn't you? Be honest! Really is not Imelda Marcos but Imelda, the co-filipina who works in hubby's brother as all-around maid. But to be honest they paid her well (about $3000 USD per month). She haa already invested her money to Philippines in her home town (Bicol). She maybe a nanny here and a maid but back in Philippines she is the Boss. How typical! She own acres of lands and at least 4 house and lot (which some of it she rented out). But as she told me she has been working abroad for 28b years (11 yrs in hubby's brothers family). You can't really believe, can you? But despite of her philippine wealth, she remained humble and very friendly.

    Organic Food Alternative

    I love vegetables. Do you? My kids does too especially my little one. My daughter has been trained to eat veggies and Im glad they do and they are not fussy about eating veg. There is lots of potential vitamins you can get in veggies. It sure a good daily dietary supplement and will give you a healhty lifestyle.

    Now the truth is LaneLabs is proud to introduce My Daily Veggies™, a delicious blend of whole dried vegetables that you can mix with water and drink, or mix into your favorite dishes to boost their nutritional value. For this reason fussy kids can at least have some vegetables intake as a part of their daily diet. You, parents should try this My Daily Veggies Free Sample and start introduce it to your kids as earlier as you can. But let us make it clear, My Daily Veggies is not a juice. It’s not a soup. It’s 95% dried whole vegetables and 5% dried whole vegetable extracts. However you get the same fiber, the same vitamins the same minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients as real fresh (or canned or frozen) vegetables. Plus it has no preservatives, absolutely no added sugar and salt. You should give it a try.

    I wanna go Beach

    A trip to the seaside has been a favourite day out. That is why I been looking forward this summer. However until this time weather wise ain't great. I been very moody and temperamental these days due to the fact that I could not get enough of the sun. Who wouldn't get bored of this unsure weather? But I found some great idea where to go when weather gets better. The North is the place to find fun-filled resorts that have entertainment 24/7. In the big seaside towns, there are arcades packed with attractions, evening entertainment, promenades with ice cream and candy floss sellers, trams and traditional piers, all of which add up to a very English day at the seaside. Plenty to do if it's raining too. Its perfect timing as we planned a visit to hubby's grandmother in Devon in couple weeks time. But nothing beats cornwall.

    Good Resource of Electronics

    Most kids don’t want dolls, baseball gloves, or other old-fashioned gifts anymore. Instead, it’s all about the gadgets and new tecnhologies. Its all about electronics trends. As a mother I also observed the same. Does your kids exactly the same, too? Somehow it teach about electronics, it would definitely educate them and I think there is nothing wrong if sometimes we give in to our kids but only if we think its good for them as well. Speaking of electronics, good resources can be found in 4-star electronics which is the top leading obsolete electronics supplier. Not to mention their high motive on doing business, especially their quick responses to their clients - fast service for sure. Every customers quote request are individuals are they make sure they give each a quality replies soon as possible. With all their highly train and very dedicated account reps can sure give a fast customer service. Imagine how htey undergo a thorough training program Before they are approved as account reps, and of course they are constantly monitored and evaluated as they work for you, to avoid bad feeback. What is more great is their fine selection of Obsolete Semiconductors which most of them are hard to find. What more is 4 Star Electronics is able to locate and ship most parts to any location in the world on the same day of the order's being placed. Not only they have great products to offers. So for your electronics source and purposes visit 4starelectronics.com.

    5 facts about me

    1) Though its obvious that I love my kids and my husband with all my heart. 2) I can't turn my back with the people who needs my help especially my family back in Phillipines. 3) I do whinge and whine if I need or not like anything. 4) I havent completed my college (hope I would complete it one day, if not too late). 5) I am still devastated of my sister death, it just seems I lost a mother and a bestfriend ( she had passed away 6 yrs ago due to accident - hit by a car).

    Thursday, 19 July 2007

    Real Estate Exchange

    One time I had wish a property swapping instead of selling. What I didn't realise is there is such thing. Our house is been on the market for a month now at least but still no offer, lots of viewers though. I am thinking that it would be much easier just to swap and we can move on. With DomuSwap - The Real Estate Exchange we could potentially give it a try. But I must talk to hubby in case something will go wrong. I really think this is worth a try. And also would I consider swapping? Absolutely, as long as its done in a fair deal, why not? Should be easier this way as we know the fact about today's market that there are more sellers than buyers. Therefore domuswap.com really did a great job of introducing this swapping properties instead.

    Domuswap.com is an online listing service exclusively for sellers of residential real estate who will consider an exchange of property. These gives people chance to easily relocate in a long run. So dont wait any longer if you want to move, you dont need to sell your house, you can just swap it with domuswap.com. Do register it beforehand and your good to go. Mind you, a trade can also mean a lower mortgage, since any existing equity is applied towards the new purchase. And with DomuSwap's multi-way swap notification, you can enlarge your trading network even more.

    Online Residential Real Estate Trading; The Future of Real Estate

    Sarasota, Florida – May 31, 2007 - Infoblazer LLC. announced today the release of its new real estate trading web site, DomuSwap.com, at the 2007 District 13 Technology & Business Expo in Sarasota Florida.

    About DomuSwap
    DomuSwap is an online listing service exclusively for sellers of residential real estate who will consider an exchange of property. Unlike most other real estate search engines that focus exclusively on buyers finding houses, DomuSwap caters to sellers looking to also buy another house and who therefore may be interested in an exchange.

    In a real estate market such as the current one, there are many more sellers than buyers, and therefore few offers and sales. Many of these sellers, however, are actually buyers needing to sell their existing homes before they can buy. Using computer based matching of seller specified criteria, DomuSwap can uncover possible trades among listings and expand the seller’s market to include many more potential customers

    Infoblazer will be marketing DomuSwap nationally, so trades can be accomplished nationwide, as well as within the same market.

    About Infoblazer
    DomuSwap is developed by Infoblazer LLC. Infoblazer is a Sarasota based software development and consulting company, providing application development services to large corporations. Infoblazer’s founder, David Moskowitz, has consulted for companies such as General Electric, where his work was featured in a CBS 60 Minutes profile of GE CEO Jack Welch. David’s other products have also been profiled in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. David is also the Chairman of the Sarasota Java User Group and the creator of the XX Framework open source web development framework.

    My Treasures

    Although they fights like cats and dogs (cute) but they love each other and can't get enough to play each other. My son (Christian) who adores his big sister (Kath) very much. He follows her around and always grab whatever toys in her hand. They also giggles together and even laugh loud. It's so cute to hear them laughing and playing. Thats how proud I am. Having such wonderful kids, they sure means the world to me. Won't swap them for anything. For me they are my great treasures.

    Air Ambulance

    I didn't know that there could be such thing until today I got across this so-called air ambulance which I think will help save many lifes. For instance you'll live in the middle of nowhere, an island perhaps. Then comes some emergency within your family and you have nowhere else to go for. But I tell you now that you dont have to worry about that specific thing because there is such an air ambulance service wherever you are about. This air ambulance does exist for the purpose to help people in their critical condition and might give a chance to survive. These kind people are great specialist in medical flights. They are staff-friendly and does make sure that their patient will have the best and comfortable travel. So you know what to call when you meet an emergency, www.airbulance.net, OK!

    Can't make it Work

    I have not done any chores today, I can't get my ass off from the PC. I have organising my other 2 domains and can get it work properly. I dont know what I have done wrong but it just dont work without the prefix (wwww). So this is what I'm fussing all day, basically. I hope hubby will fix it soon as he come home from work, as he promised. Ooooh...I can't help but think about it and the more I am try, the more failure it become. If only I could work it out. Its working already but of course if I tried it without the www prefix, it comes out error. What the heck? Its really pissing me off. Anyone can help? [LOLS] Will someone rescue me?


    I was a big fan of chatting and meeting people online before I met my husband. Im still is now although I didn't actually met my husband in any internet dating site but I believe in it 100% percent. For that reason I am keen to share what I've discover lately while surfing I stumble across to this free dating site called bbwromance.com. What bbw dating can offers? They offer a free dating site to anyone who is loveless, lonely, and seeking their soulmate or even a friend that they long to dream. Search through bbw personals as there are thousands of guys and girls waiting for someone like you. Signing up doesn't take long plus membership is a guaranteed free. When you sign now, in just a minute you could be talking some singles in your area. However if you don't like someone or someone has being rude to you you can just block him/her up within a seconds. They surely won't bother you no more. What more to this site is their user-friendly tools and fast-easy navigations. Nothing to look for? In bbwromance.com, you've surely got what you need.

    Bravenet Account

    The thought of having more than one blog ain't great at all. Even I admit that I struggles to maintain couple how much more 6 blogs? Yes I have created another 3 which is one of it is an blog about my kids which is not quite finish but I believe I will get there in the end, I hope. The other 2 blog I've create is still on parking mode and I hope I'll get a chance to beautify before I'll publish it. My Kids Diary is now ready to accept some links and visitors. But for the meant time it is still in a basic layout as I am still learning about bravenet. So if you'll get a chance go take a peek and feel free to link it up. Thanks


    WannA meet or even date single fit guys? You definitely can, here in fitness dating site. If you sign up you'll easily get along with thousand of singles for sure. What is great about this fitness personals dating sites is they feature so many singles that has similar likes. You can IM and get to know them better before asking a date. I bet you do fancy a date of some fit guys, wouldn't you? Just as well because Im not that fit enough to join and meet those guys. But if you do a constant exercise and think your fit enough to sign up then fitnessdates.com is the right place for you.

    I am watching this minute...

    is a movie about the one famous singer Tina Turner (my all time favourite) btw. That is why I am interesting to watch her life story. She got a lot of muscle thats for sure but that is one that made her famous as well (her muscles). But I like her voice the most.

    But her life story behinds scenes was actually worst when she married to Ike the R&B act, which he (Ike) should thanks largely to Tina's vigorous and sexy stage presence. But Ike was an abusive drug addict, and Tina finally walked out on him with only 36 cents and a gas credit card in her possession. She refused to take anything in their 1978 divorce, preferring to live off food stamps as she raised four children. Michael Stewart, a former United Artists executive, began booking club dates for Tina, and in spite of the release of a couple of solo albums in the late Seventies, by the 1980 rolls around she's in debt and without a recording contract.

    Tina Turner's story is perhaps the most highly-publicized aspect of turner's marriage to ike is the abuse that became an integral part of their relationship. for years, turner suffered in silence as her so-called husband used fear and intimidation to control his siren; despite being a skilled musician, ike realized that it was tina who was drawing the crowds and creating the record-selling hits. more than a decade of abuse came to a head when tina left ike with precious more than a gas card and a handful of change to her name. the ensuing divorce left tina responsible for months of unperformed bookings putting her deep into debt, even as she lived in fear of ike's retaliation. Is is a sad story yet devastating. I just can think of any woman who leave a miserable life as a battered wife and not find a way to get out of it. So sad and abusive.

    Wednesday, 18 July 2007

    Wirefly is Back

    Just last week I was talking of upgrading my mobile. I have this nokai n80 for almost a year now and I think its time for me to get a new one as I am fed up of this bulky fat phone. I'm having an eye of the Samsung T629 and just in time the Wirefly's cell phone sale in now on. I love this slender phone as it is for no doubt very handy and esay to carry around. You can just put it in your pocket so easily. Anyway I am happy to know that wirefly is now back on sale. It means I could get my dream phone as cheap as I never thought. Imagine I will have my dream phone that I am drooling recently? Wirefly is just the best. Just in time, they're on sale.

    A Taste of Home

    Look what I've got? Doesn't it looks yummy? I was craving fish days ago and didn't realise how much hubby paid attention to what I say and bought me some cob bonelss fillet when he came home from work. It was a pleasant day indeed. And here it is I fried it, taste savoury which is perfect. I have it with rice of course and since there is some left over as I didn't fry all of it, I made some soup (sinigang) and used the left over. Here is my sinigang pics....it sure look yummy!

    Make your Home more Friendly and Secure for Kids

    What is more necessary than to have a Home Security System in our household. Especially when you have a child or a toddler around who always touched hazardous things like electricity. Therfore making your home safe and secure for the kids to run around and enjoy and you to worry less. It is very important in every househould and sure it makes life more easy. You cannot find anything better to install but in Lasiershield. Think of the benefits of having a home security system are readily apparent and that is safety of family and home. What more is it need not cost much to protect your home and you do not have to be an expert to fit a security system as well. In Lashiershield everything is simple. You'll be amaze.

    Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

    This going to be our third move (since I married my husband), moving to a new home or even a new town can be an exciting experience. However, relocating also has the potential to be quite stressful, if I know. Unless we pick the right removal company of course. So, speaking of moving, shouldn't it be the time for us to start thinking and searching for that company now? We need not anymore, because I have found a site who is reluctant to that matter. Relocation.com is unlike most other moving companies. We provide a complete door-to-door moving service for moving all your household items overseas or within your area/ town.

    Other important factors we consider having is, insurance so that we can claim back whatever furniture/stuff damage or losses. Insuring is practical. Its never an assurance of no-lose or damage therefore it is just wise to get an insurance policy agreement. Now we are sorted, even if we move abroad we dont have problem relocating as they have an international movers available anytime. Is that great the relocation.com site. But the last great thing is, we don't even need to leave our car behind as they also offers auto shipping. How great is that? Its an absolute answer to our prayers. We definitely need not to worry. Perhaps we should start sorting the house we're moving on to. Definitely!

    American Fantasy Football League

    What a great news! A site about American Fantasy Football League has now announced about the 2007 football season where you could grab the chance to win those tremendous prizes they're going to give away. I bet this is an astonishing news for everyone, who are desperately looking for a place to form a fantasy football team and a great chance to compete for huge pay-out prizes. If so, you should check this out, http://www.affl.com. And take a tour of their site for further information on how to join and to find out that great prizes. Who knows, you might be the one to carry it home.

    Unsure Summer

    Have I expect too much of our weather here? Its summer right? But why still we got this dark grey sky and chilly breezy days? If not rain and horrible winds. I must say I am destined in a wrong country. My husband always So far this year we never had any decent sun, apart from Easter. Then followed by these days of wet and miserable weather since. Great disappointment in my part as I expected too much from our summer. However my kids doesnt like heat and so hubby, therefore this kind of weather or winter is rather perfect for them. Not for me obviously. My body ain't design for a cold weather. Nonetheless, I am still hoping for a better summer here.

    Meet Gothic Guys

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    Motoring News

    Not only men are freaks about cars, also women. Every weekend I always watch top gear shows. Its all about top rides in the world. Nothing I could get but I just love the ideas of knowing whats the most expensive cars and same time the fastest. My eyes cant get enough about these superfast cars like Maclaren, aston martin, bentley, ferrari and many other super fancy brand alike. To know about motoring news is easy. There is an exclusive site which is all about motoring news and used cars as well. What makes it even better is I can download some wallpaper about these superfast cars that only in the dreams I could own one. How I wish! Is that desperate I am.

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    More about motoring news? Yes Jeremy Clarkson, had reviews the new aston martin. Actually they have got different brands of cars who have launched new models. While I am having a look at these so-called cars I was completely out of myself and only in my fantasies I could have such. Not even in my millions dreams. Anyhow I invite you all to go and take a peek. Dont wait!

    Painless Ways to Trim Spending

    Managing your finances is never easy. Cutting cost is priority for many families. I know for a fact how many people in America's struggles on a daily basis to live within their means. It's getting tougher to pay the bills on time because their wont be much left after the creditors and bills get their shares but never fret; there's a solution. There are a lot of ways to put another dollar in your pocket here and there. Here's what you need to do: The following suggestions can help you if you will practice them.

    *Make a budget

    *Prioritize your “wants.” - when you shop, make sure you make a list of the basic needs you wanna buy and control yourself of the temptation of others unnecessary things.

    *Consider lower-cost options for your “needs.”

    *Avoid Credit if you can, because it can cause more financial trouble at times.

    *Consolidate your debt - you must know what you owe and make a schedule of paying it every payday you get.

    *Start saving - even a dollars every week you put away as a savings would help.

    *Be honest with yourself - dont buy things just for the sake of buying. I, myself is not a good example as I have always spent every single penny I have in my wallet. But since I started to earn I understand the value of money and now I am trying of controlling my spendings.

    *Start a Spending Diary - make a diary or jot down stuff that you bought and spent it with just to keep track of your outgoing and for you to know whether you stick to your budget.

    *Carry cash. Instead of a debit (or worse, credit) card, get your allotted spending money for the month in cash. When it’s gone, it’s gone.

    *Treat yourself - when you know your being a good of budgetting, lols.

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    Another Broken Tandem

    All that comes together will eventually fall apart. This is a law of nature that applies to every thing, everybody, and every situation. Nothing is permanent. Change will come, it's just the matter of time and method. And nowhere is this principle most dramatically (if not theathrically) fleshed out than in the human endeavour called marriage. I was so shocked after I heard the news about my favourite stars Ruffa Guiterrez) fallen marriage. How could it be? It seems they were the perfect couple in the whole wide world. I witnessed 4 yrs ago of their super lavished wedding. But 4 years later, it has announced that their marriage has fall apart. An annulment has been in the news lately because of Ruffa Guiterrez's teary declaration that her marriage to Turkish Yilmaz Bektas was over and that she was seeking to ahve it annulled. To find out more about Ruffa's fallen marriage just read more here .

    Tuesday, 17 July 2007

    Why should I cover my Boat

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    I Feel Bloated Lately

    I have been eating endlessly these days, Im so naughty I know but who could resist these yummy foods around? Crop food especially is my greatest weakness. Been to filipino festival twice and took advantage and stuffed my fat face. Just today while trying on my old trousers on the way to work, it could not fit me anymore. I am thinking I should go for diet and start to watch what I eat. I now need this calorie counter to help me watch my diet everyday. It would be a great start for me to lose this excess skin I have put on for just days of eating. I am useless when it comes to food choosing, always I end up the most fattening one. I know I have to be very careful especially when there is kids involved. I have decided to sign up and join in myfitnesspal.com. Their calorie counter is free, fast and easy. Its the best by far, no doubt.

    Monday, 16 July 2007

    Last Weekend Rundown

    Last week were my Father in-laws big birthday bash (70th b-day). He's nearly a century old now (30 years more to come). There is a tendency he might reach that age because he is in great form and have maintain to eat healthily. Plus he barely get stress at all. Maybe on how to spend his money would be the only thing will stress him out. He is loaded (much money) but tight fisted that would barely spend money for himself even, he cannot think what to spend it with. He just need to share it with me as I am an extravagant and spendaholic. [LAUGH]

    Anyway, the party went find. Everyone had a blast. I, myself really enjoyed and had a good time minggling with guest. Plus I got to met hubby's family friends which is great. As usual I was the only filipina there. Actually there is one but she did not come there to party but help served the food (waitress). I wonder, why in all hubby's family's he is the unlucky one, whom married the ultimate filipina whereas the rest of his family have each filipina helper/maid. Isn't it bizzare? Its such a disgrace to think. Is that how I look down myself. Shouldn't I be proud? I have always asked hubby if he is not embarrassed of his family by having a filipina wife.

    But look at my outfit during that day? Isn't it cute? Hubby choose it, everything the colour, the style and even he bought a shoes that goes with it. As I insisted to change colour for I have always wore black and white in every party I have attended for the past years and months. So this time we went for the silk flora, a product by Jane Norman. And my shoes is from Nine West, my favourite shoes shop. I loved it my shoes although it hurts a bit, and end up taking it off and walked with my barefeet all the way to the reception. It was really funny. All the guest said I was such a lucky girl because hubby walked all the way back to get my flipflaps. And it is rare to find a husband like him. Because most of the men who walked with us said they never did it to their wife and never would. Honestly I feel a bit flattered. [LAUGHS]

    By the way, for anyone who would like to see the rest of our pictures? Visit my other blog at "A blacksheeps's Tale " .


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    Saturday, 14 July 2007

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    Christian First Haircut

    I should let it (christian hair) grow because he havent got much hair. He have this fine sleek hair and obviously he has not inherit it from me. I have thick black hair. Perhaps got if from our neighbor,lols. Kidding! Hubby had enough looking his son's long shaggy hair and just this afternoon he decided to give it a trim. He basically dont want me to keep making ponytail, he hates it. Christian was very good he stood up right in fron of his daddy until the trimming were done. In fairness hubby got a good hand and in case he'll lose his job he can work as a barber. [LAUGH]!

    Lets Talk About It

    How much do you love big brothers show? I have been watching it since I got here in England, is everywhere I know and its different. Hubby can't abide some stupid tart who just want to claim one minute fame in national television. Hang on a minute, what about the coming Harry Potter and The order of the Phoenix? Whew! Its coming pretty soon, isn't it? Yes and I'm too excited but I've a some about it. Would you like to read and know? Then you should go visit the movie discussions where there is list of movies ans show rants, objective and opinions written. It's such an informative site and fun to read. Do you know by sharing your thoughts and ideas about your favourite films and shows you could have a chance to win DVD's? Just simply share your thoughts and your honest opinion. It sure harmless to be open of what you really think. Freedom of speech, I should say. Why not? I have tons of films I hate and loads of movies I love. So come with me and lets talk about it.

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    Provides your Kids a Helping Hand

    As a parent I have worries of my kids future. I have dreams for each of them and one of it is to be academically bright. Not just to one particular subject but if possible to all of it especially in reading. To be a good reader is one great factor of achieving dreams. When you can read their is a better tomorrow, it would be such a disgrace for my kids to learn not in reading. But if it happens that one of them struggles I wouldn't have a second thought of sending them to a reading tutors. I would hope not.

    Bed is All I want right Now

    I so knackered and yet I stubbornly stayed up late. I just feel I don't achieved anything without doing my task (opps to do). I dont have that many opps (only got 3), but as of now I can't think of any words to say I feel kinda lay and shattered after few sleepless nights and the last thing I would do is write an entry. Anyhow its weekend, nothing to do but rest and have fun. Aren't we all look forward to it? So, I will end this post with a greetings to all, " Have a nice and safe weekend" !