Thursday, 24 May 2007

The Youngest American Idol Winner

Cheers to you"Jordin Sparks".She is the winner of american idol season 7,the youngest winner in all season.At 17 yrs old,you can't really believe that she has a great voice.Look at her now capturing America's heart and beat Blake Lewis.She has a great charisma and charm and of course her one big weapon her amazing vocal.Congratulations JOrdin Sparks,I'm sure gonna buy your records in the future,coz you've been my favourite from the very beginning that get through to the finale and won.I'm so very happy for you.You deserve it!

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Lolli said...

wow dame abi nakog ikaw nang sa pic hehhe parehas man gud mo ka gwapa ba.

muzta naman imong ka gwapa diha :)
agi lang ko kay nag laroy laroy ko ron. LOL

jennyr said...

yey! i'm happy for her! she got such an amazing voice! and i like blake too! so whoever wins, i really don't mind...twas a great show!!!