Thursday, 10 May 2007

Why I love PPP?

Not long ago I join Payperpost(PPP).I never had any idea that there is such thing called viral marketing.How I know this?Through blog hopping and seen PPP badge on most of my friends blog.I was so intrigue to find out after reading the ppp script"get paid to blog about the things you love".So I click it right away and sign up.Why not?Its open for all bloggers.When they accepted my blog I was over the moon,really.The opportunities availability are plenty in every seconds.Everyone can grab it according to their categories chosen.Not only you earn money but you also gain friends.Through paperpost I have made few friends and get connected to many great bloggers.So far I will be paid 85 bucks from the 9 opportunities I have taken and for me this is awesome cash prize from giving your honest opinion to products.How cool is that?Who's not gonna want to be paid by blogging?I bet everyone does.

I've also learnt many things about blogging by reading PPP TOS.It was very well explained.And I find out how to advertise properly so they won't reject your post.By simply writing an honest opinion regarding the products that is assign to me.Must clearly understand the instruction,too.Also I learn to improve a little bit regarding my English constructivity.And of course honesty is what I've learnt most.

I must say that I'm so proud and honoured being accepted at ppp. as a blogger.It's a great opportunity for me to widened my knowledge by reviewing all those task given that mostly I haven't heard heard before.Looking forward to become a a highest paid blogger sometime in the future.

Not to forget ppp is best example of viral marketing,with their friendly and considerable staff.And to the extent their very well design site and very well-organised,too.This is the simple reason why I love PPP.

If you wanna join the team,you must start now.

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