Wednesday, 23 May 2007

What does Age done to me?

I am old and I feel it,too.Why?This morning I have woken up early as 7.As much as I love to snuggle up the bed.I have responsibilities as a mum,to take my daughter to school.No maater how early I woke up up I still manage to take her just in the last minute.She has been always the last child to arrived and unsurprsingly that is what exactly happen this morning.Embarrassing,huh!

For that reason(rushing through)I have forgot her lunch money,once again.Terrible memory I have nowadays.The cheque had been seating in my desk.Should have paid her lunch yesterday as it is urgently needed.Ohh well I just hope they will gave her lunch today despite this circumtances.U should hope so,or else poor girl would starve.My fault...,my fault...damn!

This is what the age done to me.I am getting useless everday for I keep forgetting things.Now I am still trying to remember where I had put my hubby's key.[SIGH]

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