Tuesday, 15 May 2007

May 13-A Significant date!

It was the day when my eldest sister died.It was a sudden and terrifying death.So shocking for us all(her family).How can you believe that after walking in a clear safe pavement there is someone mercilessly could actually hit her,a reckless driver perhaps.She died at the very young age(31 yrs old)on 13th of May 2001.She was accidentally hit by the car.She was such a great mother and I'm so proud of her.But what is the most unforgetable scene is,when she pushed her daughter(Jenny)away just to saved her at least.That how much she love her daugter!Leaving her 2 children behind and a disable husband is the most dreadful scenario.However life has ending,exactly the same as the movie.We just have to accept this simple fact of life.Henceforth,we should learnt,to live our life to the fullest.Life is too short to waste time.

Yes!Its very sad for us and most especially to her kids.It's been 6yrs since her death,and my niece(Jenny)is the one whom is most affected by the lost of her beloved mother.She now at the right age where she would ask this question herself that,why did God has taken her mother away.Looking at her eyes,clearly there is some mysterious thought and sadness in her heart.I so much pity her.Nothing can beat a mother's love and affection.That is what she missed the most.How I wish I could take her here to live with me as my daughter.If God would permit,I honestly would.Give her the love and care that she is longing to feel again.T'was painful time and still is.

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