Friday, 25 May 2007

Wanted Score Parents to Blog

Education is a must,especially in today's world where everything are based of high-technology.I am into good education and so is hubby.We are even thinking for our kids future school.Our daughter Kath is now at reception 1 and a year after next she would be joining a preparatory school.For that reason me and hubby are thinking to give her the best education we can possibly afford.Kath is now benefiting a free school and infairness she does learn loads of things each day.I am hoping that she would maintain her high academic so she would be able to get a qualification into one of the top grammars school here.That would be a great save for us.

Me and hubby are very happy of our daughter's learning process but at the same time we are sad about my niece,who is now 10 yrs old and yet struggling to pass her subjects.It's so sad to know because she was actually a bright girl when she was my daughter's age.Perhaps she needs help,so we then decided to hire someone to tutor her and about a few months she was showing some improvements.This tutorial program are really a great help for all who have learning difficulties.

So to all parents out there you are all invited for writing a blog regarding this innovative tutor.The Score Educational Center have been providing kids with a fun way to catch up, keep up, and get ahead in their studies,for nearly 15 yrs.They are widely recognised and had already help more than 250,000 children.Not only in academic but a lifelong love of learning.So parents out there,what are you waiting for?Grab this opp and help make a change into many lives of children.

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