Wednesday, 16 May 2007

UTANGO-Life-stage Rewards

You see this logo,right?Is it intriguing/interesting?How exciting are you to know about UTANGO?Well,it is basically a reward for a loyalty i.e. shoppers whom recognise by being loyal to consumer to their favourite store then UTANGO will value your loyalness and will give you a life-stage cash rewards in returns.How amazing is that?Who wouldn't want to shop and earn at the same time?Its more than exciting than I expected to be and with no doubt I sign up myself,and you should,too.Why not?It doesnt cost anything to sign up,membership is 100% free.Plsu its easy to use and just think how cool would it be that every time you shop and you can not only save but earn cash rewards as well.

It is even more cool when you know this,that you can actually earn cash back of up $200 annually,and this astonishing lifetime cash payouts of up to $1 million?Only when you are a member though.I must say this is awesome rewards program I ever have known.So,join now and start shopping when their 300 online store and start saving and gain the members tango bucks points.The more you shop,the more you earn tango bucks points.So this time you can earn cash rewards everytime you shop!What a fair deals.I love it!

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Shabem said...

Gosh, wala pa gyud ko ka blog ani uy. Na miss gani nako tong $15 bucks last week hehehe.. Oh well hope maka post ko tonight. Pretty good in blogging ha? Keep it up! Pag tingbayad hayahay na Haze.