Friday, 18 May 2007

Time to Care our Pet Now

When I was growing up I used to have dog.I love dogs especially in philippines dogs are the common pets.I used to get upset everytime my dog get hurts or get ill.I never saved even one of the few pets I had.That was sad!No such dog insurance in philippines,if there is,then I didn't know it,probably.

Now I am thinking to have a god once again but only after our next move which is pretty soon.Having pets now is much...much easier especially there is this thing called pet insurance it is just so handy for people who loves pet.Since veterenary cost are now rising.So this pet health insurance is a must-have.Insuring our pets doesnt cost that much and plus whenever they get ill they will surely be treated.

Did you know that the field of animal medicine has advanced rapidly in past decades?That is why allowing veterinarians to successfully treat conditions that were previously considered untreatable.However with these advances has come an increase in the cost of veterinary care.It is estimated that North American pet owners now spend over $10 billion a year on healthcare for their pets.

-One in three pets will need emergency veterinary treatment every year.

-Two out of every three pets will experience a significant health problem during their lifetime.

-In 2006 alone, PetCare Pet Insurance paid out over $16,800,000 in North America for covered accidents and illnesses to pet owners.Isn't it good?

These are the following common conditions that
Cancer Treatments: $5,500
Hip Dysplasia: $6,000
Fracture: $3,000
Foreign Body Ingestion: $3,500
Viral Infection: $3,000
Eye Problems: $3,000
Gastro Intestinal Problems: $3,000

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Rolly said...

unsaon man nako pagsulat diri

ladyracs said...

hala mahala aning maintenance sa PET oi,, mao ng wa koy PET, palitan lang nako sila STUFF TOY, haha poor kids.... Hugaw sab kay sa sulod balay man sila puyo di parehas Pinas nga sa gawas lang....

Tamad ko limyp, daghan daan ko anak...hehehe.