Thursday, 24 May 2007

PPP Direct Launches

The time has now come that bloggers and advertisers can negotiate better about writing into blogs.I think this going to be great for all the posties that are trying to make money while blogging.This is one great opportunity to earn more,for your hardwork.This new launches about direct word of mouth marketing is a click away.PPP has launches this new version that is going to be big and are available for all the posties.All it takes is sign,exactly the same with the review me thing,but very different regarding the payouts.Why?Because review me or any other competitors services you know that they charge no more less than 50-100% while PPP Direct where advertisers hire you to write directly on to our blogs they will only charge less as 35%.Can you imagine that?Who would not prefer to earn more?

Furthermore,security to both parties(bloggers and advertisers) is sure secured.So nothing to worry.To be recognise by the advertisers,simply put a badge into your blog so whenever advertisers click into it,they can surely see it.This direct viral marketing is launchec out as a request.How exciting!Posties can actually save more money from their blog advertising than usual.The great advantage about this PPP direct launches are you dont have time limit.So bothr parties can benifits each other.They need you and you need them.So why wait?

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