Friday, 18 May 2007

Plan Change

I did mention months ago about moving house.Our plan A was,to more to Kent(somewhere near cranbrook) and we did actually visit the possible areas that we considering to live in few months time.But after visiting our friends in Sutton London,we quite fancy moving on there.What we thought that Kent is too country for us,as we(me and hubby)are both city people.Kent is beautfil,with their amazing views,green and so nature.I love it no doubt but not to live,though,lols.

Anyway,we actually just found out last week that we both lied by telling not,our honest views regarding how we dislike living in a countryside.We both say that we like it.How silly!What I love a house which is just a walking distance to local shops.I can easily get bored and Kent is too far away to local shops.I much prefer to live where we are now if not because of kids better choices of school I would have love to stay here.We are just so convenient to everything,15 minutes walk,that's all i takes.That's probably why I'm not bothered to learn to drive because we are just too close to everything,train station,bus,local shops,supermarket,schools and not to mention few friends.Only one problem though,the schools here in our place aren't great.Its Ok for a reception or kindergarten only but further up,it isn't.Well hopefully soon we can decide where exactly we move,depending on money.Whereever we can afford.As we all know the 3 LLL of finding properties.

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