Sunday, 13 May 2007

My Warmest Greetings to All Mum's!

Only now I understand that motherhood is not that easy.You can hardly brush your hair,make yourself up and even forgot to brush your teeth sometimes.It is because we do prioritise our children first before ourself.While lying down today,reminiscing perhaps.If I thikn about it,I was actually a very naughty as growing up girl.I used to upset my mum loads of time.Now I just being mum myself that it isn't nice if a the child of your own will do the same.My daughter is now starting to be rebellious and its killing me.However me and hubby are trying to put some limit on to which level we would allow her.I'm just lucky that hubby is not as wuss as me,he is such a desciplinarian.I'm so glad about it.

Anyway this is all about mothers.To my Mum,Happy mother's day and I love to bits.I'm so proud being raised by you and your love is the best thing for me.You taught me how to be a good mother to my kids.You did a great Job Mama and I love you!For me you the best mum in the world!

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Malou said...

Happy mother's day ..... buiti na mommy

ladyracs said...

Happy Mother's Day pretty mommy...thanks for your sweetest thoughts..