Saturday, 12 May 2007

My Dream...dream Phone!

Who's not gonna drool on this phone?I do!I really love this Sprint Upstage phone.Don't you?Look at this amazing Samsung M620 Upstage for Sprint.It is the first music phone of its kind in the U.S. On one side is an "iPOD-like" music player with large color high-res display and touch-sensitive controls, and on the other side is a full-featured phone.

I definitely will upgrade my phone now on this minute.I can't wait anymore.This Samsung M620 is just tempting.I can't help it worst addiction ever.

Looking at his highlights,do you think you would not buy this phone?

Samsung Upstage M620 – Cell Phone Highlights

Unique Dual-personality Device Is All Music On One Side, And All Phone On The Other High-speed Data Downloads Let You Watch Sprint TV Or Listen To Streaming Music Download Music Directly To Your Phone Over The Air Bluetooth Wireless Technology Supports Streaming Stereo Music Included USB Cable, Stereo Headset and Extended Battery Wallet 1.3 Megapixel Digital Camera/Camcorder With Expandable Memory Card Slot Advanced Voice Activated Dialing and Menu Controls Requires No Pre-Training Two Vibrant Screens.

What I love on this phone is,it is very thin and light and easy carry.You can just insert in the pocket of your trousers.It has 1.3 megapixels camera and 3x digital zoom.Streaming multimedia support,mp3 player,video capture and camcorder and etc.Everything you can possibly think of.Awesome phone,really!I must have it now.

As to its battery life,you can call and talk your friends up to 180 mins and thats without extended battery wallet,ifs wallet included you can talk for 378 minutes.Isn't that cool?Definitely the phone I wanted.How about you?

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