Sunday, 20 May 2007

Lazy Saturday

Today we just stayed home,since the weather is not that great anyway.I feel so tired and lil bit temperamental lately.I don't know why but I guess it might have something to do that I slept late everynight.Sleeping late does affect my mood,irritable and so on,lols.I dont think is menopausal yet.[LAUGH]

Anyhow I recovered after I have my lunch which was fixed by my wonderful hubby.After our lunch we watch a little bit of Television as a family.Then back on to my world of blogging.So hoping tomorrow I would feel energetic to at least go out for fresh air,of course if the weather will cooperate.Imagine its been 3 weekends now that we had this miserable wet weather.I so hate it.Weather sometimes does ruined my day.

Here wishing....for a sunny day tomorrow!

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