Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Time Flies

I still can't believe that my first baby is now 5 and a half yrs old.Look how little my girl was?She was only 2 and half yrs old.It was taken after valentines day of 2004.We are both so happy thinking that daddy would be home soon.This is the place called "the village" at apas lahug used to be in front of waterfront hotel cebu city.But I've heard that it is now demolished and turn into a big commercial buildings.How sad!It was a great place to have fresh air and just relax while listening or watched some live bands.Anyway this was our usual night life routine before bedtime I used to take my daughter for walked since it is only 3 miles from our place.Isn't it nice to have some photographs for keepsake and to think back of the happy days.Do you think so?I think so.

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