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Would you believe that I didn't know what is oblong like?Few weeks ago I had conversation with hubby regarding shapes.If I remember I was making a comment that egg shape faces are the most beautifal one to have e.i. Thalia's face perhaps.Then I also add that oblong is a bit much.I thought oblong is an oval shape but with a longer width.I'm such a dumb a**!Don't you think?

Here is an article about oblong"Tranquility Lost(By Mike Rubino)

What's Oblong?
Buy an oblong tablecloth. That's your mission, if you choose to accept it. You do, of course, because everyone always does, and suddenly your chest tightens up and spots flood your retinas as you realize that you have no clue what "oblong" means. What the heck could an oblong tablecloth look like? An oval, right? Or wait, is it a rectangle?

If you look up the word "oblong" in the Oxford American Dictionary, it gives you both! Ob�long, adj. "having an elongated shape, as a rectangle or an oval." Thanks Oxford, thanks a hell of a lot! "Oxford American" doesn't make any sense to begin with, so why should I trust the definitions they give me. The mystery continues as I take on the role of Zogby or Gallop...

"What shape is oblong?" I ask. "A rectangle," she replies.
"What shape is oblong?" I ask another. "An oval, of course," he replies.

Oval or rectangle, oblong is driving me around in circles! Which table clothe should you buy? If you have a round table, and you buy a rectangular clothe, you'll be doltish! If you buy an oval tablecloth and you have a long rectangular table, you might as well be a turkish troglodyte! But you can't just make a guess and go with it... or open it up, find that its the wrong one, and then pretend that it isn't. Why, then everyone will think you mad! Here you are assuring everyone its an oval tablecloth, when it clearly has four corners. Or even worse, you decide to take matters into your own hands and cut off the corners... but this just results in a raged table cloth only fit for the table of Eddie Vedder. Modern Man doesn't live like this! We are civilized people who should know how to properly label things... we should know the definition of oblong!

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