Wednesday, 23 May 2007

How to Shop

I went shpping today bought hubby's present but I'm not done yet.I have to finished my shopping before suturday.While pottering along the shops I went to debenhams and saw all Prada's hangbags and I was like "WOW" for the bag I really fancy,but sad to say I can't have it for it's cost £15,000.[Blimey!]I simply could not afford it.I have to win the lottery first to afford such.But I enjoyed looking around though and of course I saw this 50% off glasses which I think its very nice,without doubt I bought I too extravagant?But hey it wasn't that expensive.And its quality which you can use it long as you live.I love buying quality stuff for it last long.I don't waste my money on cheap things.Do you know what I mean?Those 5 or 10 pounds worth of tops then it will tear apart after one washed.You can buy so many quality stuff and in affordable prices,or even in sale rack.There are loads of way to get and used quality not buy just for the sake of having one but buy in a sensible way.Shop once in a perfect timing.Hunt for a bargain thats a secret.I have and still is now,used inexpensive stuff but before I bought it I look at the fabric or material if it's really worth buying it.

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