Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Doritos cheese-Flavour to fight

This video is hilarious and I simply love it.Watch it yourself and you'll know why.This video is absurd when you see the little skinny legs underneath the dorito body, it is by far my favourite one with its cool ambience and awesome theme.

For me no need to fight for the flavour for Doritos cheese has always been my favourite.I can't live without doritos cheese especially when I'm watching films.Its like the movies is incomplete without my Doritos cheese flavour.

When I came to UK from the Philippines I was missing home, I could not find an asian store yet and I had no taste of home. I was so happy when I walked into a store and saw Doritos and then I saw the cheese ones...I bought five family packs and rushed home to eat them, Cheese is always the winner for me, a movie a hubby and my cheese doritos what could be better or do you think there is a better one?

But there is so much more to the Fight for the flavour,site as it is all about the new flavours, fight for the flavour you deicde, follow the links and you find some really cool stuff so go explore and vote for the new flavour you like best! dont forget to play the fight game, it is amazing with the doritos packets fighting each other I laughed so much I kept losing!! so click here and go choose your favourite--it should be cheese because its yummy and funny!

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