Tuesday, 22 May 2007


It is really sad to know and to see these people who's live's are ruined because of drugs.I used to hang out with drug addicts friends and I was lucky to get out earlier and burried all those past behind.But some of my friends pursued their worst vices which is taking drugs.I just heard that my closest friend is now totally lost herself,mad perhaps.I was devastated to know about my friend situation.Bare in mind we are like sisters for I know her no more less 7 yrs.If she should just listen at the first place it would not happen to her.But I know that she still have a chance.

I wish I am close enough to take her to a drug rehabilatation.Soon this summer I would try to find her.Would be nice to just give her another reason to live.This society problems are so heartbreaking especially to those youngster.This must-stop now and to help resolving this massive problems
by simply letting the world know about this great all-in-one solutions a drug rehab site.If any of your family has been slave of drugs or if you know someone has a problem of drug addictions or even alcohol addictions dont hesitate to give them your help.It might be sound defficult for you as family but just think for their better future and to help them recover and get back to their normal routine in life.

Furthermore their friendly staff and expert counselors would be able to help you make the most effective decision you'll have to make.To get help earlier is better before its too late.So for those who are struggling to fight drugs addiction or alcoholism get help from stonehawk.

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Yahneh said...

aww., ung closest friend mo nwwala na sa sarili..? sana nga ate matagpuan mo sha para naman maipasok mo sha sa drug rehab., btw belated mothers day po pla..! atsaka po pachange po pla ng link ko