Friday, 11 May 2007

Dental Appointment Today

Today we have an appointment to our dentist.The 3 of us,Christian is excluding.Hubby will have his root canal while me and porker(kath) will just have our dental check-up and see what they will recommend and what else need to be done.Finally for over 2 yrs living here in England,I will have my first dental check-up,exciting!I do look after my teeth,though but of course professional is more likely to know the better way of looking after our teeth.Would be interesting to find out the cost,hope it would not be too expensive.Wish I am a kid so I could avail the free dental,free everything til they reach 18.But well there I go,such as life!

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ladyracs said...

Maayo diay dinha dae Haze kay free mga bata upto 8 dinhi dili, amo health Insurance gamay ra kaayo mobawas kay wa man mi nikuha ug dental Insurance, separate man diay na, mahal man sab kay di raba sali ng mga dentures diay, Well, goodluck ninyo...