Tuesday, 8 May 2007

A contender I so much wanted to Win!

Finally the finale of cycle 7 ANTM is through.It was such a relief for me knowing that bitches never wins.I am so delighted that Caridee won.She deserved the crown and no one else.She's the only one who got all the top model factor.Talking about the bitch(Melrose),clearly it was a big dissapointment for her.Too damn right!She is nothing but a selfish bitch.That is my simple message towards her.Over confident ain't gonna help at all.Cycle 7 was definitely breathtaking series.Looking forward to the Cycle 8,soon.

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1 comment:

aesia said...

mao gyud deserving gyud kaayo na siya gwaps gwapa pud liwat nato va hikhikhik.

nag atang na pud ko ron sa cycle 8 lagot ko kay na tangal si brittany pero hope ko na si natasha ang mo daog kay shoffa kaau