Monday, 14 May 2007

Careless is what I am(I lost and I haven't for this time)

Why careless?Because I have lost many valuable belongings.How?Due to negligence and dopiness.It's true I am being a dopey for many times.Am I being harsh to myself?yes absolutely.What else would I call myself?Dopey and careless,right?Take a look at this.

Valuable Things I had lost:

cellphones-5 all
Jewelries - 4 whitegold necklace,5 pairs of whitegold earings and 1 gucci watch.
Camera's - 2 digital
shoes - nike trainer one week after I bought it.
wallet - 2 one in manila and one last thursday.

"The Story"

Last thursday I was rushing to picked up my daughter from school.Since I was already 5 minutes late.So,I just chuck my wallet on the pushchair(was taking my 15 mo's my son with me)together with the rainproof coats.So little did I know that it was unsafe and did manage to dropped my wallet on the street without noticing it.If I notice I would have not lost it.Kind of btw,hence,"I lost and I haven't".

I continued walking and I'd only notice that my wallet is missing on our way back.I rushly head home tembling and hoping that I would find it somewhere in the pavement where we had our walked through.Unfortunately no sign of my wallet.Soon as I get in our house the phone rang.I answered quickly,and guess who's called me?It was the policeman.He'd asked if I lost anything today?With my abrupt big yes,I lost my wallet.The Policeman said that,someone found it and tried to call my husband but he was not able to get through for my husband was in Ireland for a buniness trip and won't be back till late midnight ish.I said thank you and would come up anytime next day to claim if possible.Policeman said,no problem!

I was in relief after the phone calls and I'm astonished for the very first time that there is still a good man who does exist in this world.I must say this is my first time I'd lost valuable stuff here and so far I'm not let down,yet.How cool would it be,if all the people would do the same thing.

Last friday hubby collected my wallet as promised,and we got it untouched-meaning all the content,money,cards are still there.I lost nothing!We are both greatly impressed.

We got the address of this very honourable man and were planning to drop by and say hello and maybe a lil something for "THANK YOU".

Thus,I haven't lost my wallet.Not this time!For it was found and saved by a good retired citizen!

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ladyracs said...

WOW! What an honest man... You can seldom find someone like that these days..... Imagine if it was found by THEFT, what a lucky day for him, he will be spending money like crazy... Good for you, you was the one who got LUCKY that day.

Na maypakaparehas diay ta dae Haze, always careless, malimtanon, and me? may pagkatanga gyud. Dali lang sab kaayo ko magubaan gamit. Wa pa ko nakawala digital camera, pero ako lang gihulaman ang digital camera ni David nga kapila pa lang niya nagamit, price almost tripple as mine, sali na sa mga extras nga iyang gisali order... I felt so bad, naa sa case guapa tan-awon pero di mo work kay ako man na drop. Gamit niya to outdoor or distant shots, great in portraits sab. Unya akong first digital lagi pasagdahan si Lisa gamit naguba pero ako man ang responsably niya.

Pero mas daghan ka ug nawala sa ako, kay wa pa ko nakawala ug jewelries and shoes... wallet noon...

babigurl said...

as in daghan japon ka te...walang ka kupas kupas hehehehehe......murag tigols malimot bisan gikuptan lol

juLai said...

Hi Ate Haze,glad to know that a good samaritan has found your wallet..

hala ka ate daghana na diay kag na wa no..ahehe.sayang jamo ang gucci watch ate..huhuh..i'm sure nalipay ang nakapunit..

Take care always ate..muahhhhhh