Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Away Again

What should you expect when you a husband who's work is relatively demanding?My husband is working under this business related company.And part of his job is to travel when its needed perhaps twice a month or every week.I'm well aware that this could only be the start.He is now away again to blackpool this time,for few days and nights only.I really find it hard to be left alone at home without any relatives around me to give me a hand.Plus I am not a night person,I'm scared of the dark,too.I get paranoid whenever I hear noise.I watched too many scary programs,I think.[LOL]

Im so glad I have kids with me.If not I would have gone(gaga)crazy by now.Bare in mind I grew up surrounded by my family,friends and neighboors.I notice neighboors here hardly speak each other.They are all busy and no time for neighboor chit-chat at all.Career is what they care about and future of course.Unlike in philippines,though.So I guess your not surprised if I feel a little bit lonely when my husband is away.I can't actually have conversation with my kids.My friends also are occupied of their jobs unless its weekend.What can I do?This is the life I had agreed to have,I have no choice but to live with it.

The good thing is,I have fun to look forward to.Since Kath would have a full term-break by whole week next week and for that hubby promised to take a week off to spend time with us and to take us somewhere fun starting this saturday until by sunday next.I'm excited!I can't wait to be just chilling with family.Nice,ain't it?

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