Friday, 18 May 2007

American Idol top 3-whos out?

We have reached this very exciting part of American Idol,which is the top 3.Jordin is my favourite one,even back from the very start(audition).Her bubbly character won Americans heart now.She is a giggly girl and according to S.Cowell she is too sugary.Well I like that kind of attitude and that's why she is my favourite.Not to mention her beautiful smile and of course her amzing vocal.She is the finalist together with Blake Lewis.Sadly Melinda doolittle has been voted out.Did you notice Simon's Cowell face when melinda was announced to be the one who's going home?He was clearly gutted by her exit.So sad,I quite like her,too.

Next week will be the most exciting part of course,for its the finale.I pretty sure that there are loads of people out there are much excited as I me.So,lets make sure we don't miss the finale of American Idol season 6,OK?Goodluck to both Jordin and Blake.May the best vocal win!

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