Monday, 21 May 2007

Alternative Suggestion

Hubby was suggesting that I should go pick my sister.She is coming here for 6 months visitor visa and since she is only 16 yrs old and never been in the plain with her own.I was delighted to hear it from hubby when he suggested me to pick her up but I should take Christian with me.I declined for the reason that baby on this age(16 mo's old)would be too handful and knowing christian is too energetic and hard to control.How much more taking him on the plane with my own?Goog gracious me!Much as I love to go so I could see my family and spend time with them for at least a week but I declined it with no hesitation.

However I might go with my own and will leave the kids with him for a week.Sounds great,ain't it?Well I will have to talk with hubby again when he comes home later.But he got a point,too.Taking Christian is for my family to see and then poor Kath have to stay because she would still have a school.Or how about wait until summer holiday?Ohh well I'll just wait and see and think if I can handle too kids,lol!

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