Saturday, 12 May 2007

Adventure in 100 Acre Woods

I guess everyone is familiar with this massive childrens story, one of the biggest of all time called "Winnie the Pooh".Because that's were we went last monday(may 7,2007) to 100 acre woods located near ashdown forest surrey.Since it is only near to where we live,about 30 minutes drive.It was Susan(hubby's Aunt)who told us about all this.This was the place where A.A.Milne spent his holidays and used to take his son(Christopher Robin) for walks. It is really called 500 acre wood, but for his stories AA Milne called it 100 acre wood..This is A.A.Milne the author of the Winnie the Pooh stories with his son Christopher Robin. This is a postcard I bought from the Pooh's corner shop to share with you all. Before,I never thought that Christopher Robin's character was true. I thought he was only a made up character for kids.I didn't expect it.It was such a privilege for me to see it in real.I was totally amazed,for all those times is still does exist.Such a beautiful historical forest.
This the so called"Pooh's stick Bridge"(was originally built in 1916) where Christopher Robin and his bear(winnie the pooh)used to play poohsticks. Bizarrely we did play poohsticks at the bridge and so did other people.Its actually a fun game not only for kids.Usually tourist or visitors walk about 30 minutes to get to the pooh stick bridge and have to picked sticks on the way through.The more stick you picked the fun the game is.

Kath in the middle watching her winning stick.

Daddy and kath dropping their sticks.

Christian turn......

My little poser.That's what all he did,waved to people starred at them and pose,lol.He was running around like a mad dog and freaked us out and frightened that he would stumble down into the water.Unlike kath whom enjoyed playing and really had a great time.

Proudly present the"Pooh Corner Shop" where Christopher Robin used to buy his sweeties/candies rather.We went there first and bought our souvenirs.For Christian and Kathleen we bought them a jumper/sweater each,hats and mugs.For me I bought a green mugs,too and some sweeties made by honey and postcards of course.


In front of Pooh's coner shop.

To complete the day,of course.

This was an old 600 yrs old barn converted into family home.

tadaaaaa...the finale,were heading home.

This is not all...because we havent been to piglets,eayore,tiger,and roo's part.

Next time...OK!

Happy Weekend all!

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ladyracs said...

WOW! great fun... I also thought Christopher Robin was a made up character, that would made it more interesting, even the 100/500 acre woods.

Lingaw kaayo mo tan-awon lalo na si Kath kay makasabot na gyud sa story. Si Christian basta maka lakaw2x tama na sa iya, malipay na na sya. Lalo na daghan mopansin sa iyang ka cute...hahaha malipay gyud.

Great shots, love your green outfit.... Sexy hot mom as always... And the quality time spent is the best part of all.

Happy Sabbath Day sab ninyo dae Haze. Ug thanks sa greetings TC ug kisses sab sa imong cute lil angels..

Shabem said...

Awesome Pooh goodies! Balik na gyud imong figure Haze. Pilahay raman tawon to. Dako na pod si Christian. Poser gyud ay feel kaayo niya. Nice treat for the whole family. Happy Weekend and Happy Mother's Day!

irel said...

wow kanice sa adventure ninyu day:) happy mother's day kanimo dae haze enjoy your day!

Pathbb said...

Hey kathbb happy weekend to you!Nice photos!!!

Rolly said...

asa man ni dapit? gusto sad ko moanha diha, duol raman siguro na gikan sa amoa

babigurl said...

uy te...ka wafa man nimo uy..syempre nuh run in the blood gud hehehe....ang blouse te ayaw kalimot ako nana hehehe...pagka wafo ug wafa jud sa akong mga pag umangkon uy....