Thursday, 31 May 2007

Layout for the DAY

I been very busy lately and forgot my scrapping.Just tonight I suddenly thought that I should scrap while the kids are on bed.My husband said I should be off from PC for we are in need of time to just relax and forget everything else.Half-term break is nearly finish and so is hubby's holiday.Monday would be back to reality again.I should have grab this time off and just chill out but the blogging is bugging me.It's feel like I'm addicted to it and need to do something for an entry in every running minutes.Opportunity is what I'm after more to the point.Anyhow I did managed for a layout today and here it is;

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Paradise I have Dream To go

I can't wait for my naturalisation.On that time it would be easy for me to go anywhere in the world.It's not long from now I know.I'm just too excited of this paradise that I so wanted to see.Hawaii is known for its beautiful natures,beaches and beautiful people.Not to mention the Maui island with its adoring clear water where you could do loads of limitless activities which includes snorkeling,swimming,scuba diving,kayaking,parasailing,and almost any water sport you can think of are available nearby.This would be the kind of holiday I was looking for,where I can literally enjoy the warmth of its sun.Water and the sun is really part of the excitement.PLus there is lots more additional diversions.

What's more to it is,Maui Vacation Rental really makes it possible for us to go on to.They offers big spacious vacations homes,luxurious and convenient features,massive living areas, custom furnishings, and artwork not found in even the finest of hotels.There also offers the finest condominiums which features a private elevator access,gourmet kitchen,an extensive collection of Hawaiian art and outstanding views of Anaeho’omalu Bay and Kileaua,this vacation rental offers all the comforts of home in a resort setting.Wouldn't it be nice to taste this paradise once in our lifes?I wouldn't dare not to,soon as I'll have my citizenship,this would be the first thing I would do.Isn't it nice to have a taste of paradise?

For further info's call 1-800-545-5151 and ask for the exact details.

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Video of Tigers Playing-Lion Pics-Leopard

Seeing animals on live was awesome.I so love animals and couldn't get enough of them.Exclude the snakes though.The only creepy crawley that I am scared of.Looking at it(snakes)is sure give me goosebumps.It was so funny when I shreaked when Abygail pointed out to me that there was a snake in my back,I so overacted and screamed loudly.I didn't realise that all the people were looking at me,I was embarassed.Shame on me!.I was so silly,I know but I just couldn't help my fear.Nevertheless I enjoyed the rest of the day.Specially the moment when tigers played each other.They were actually looking so cute and cool.However the King of the Jungle was a bit of dissapointment.He only sat there on his throne looking so relax,didn't do any exciting moves unlike before he jumped out onto us.It was a bit scary though but funny.Leopard was a bit dull,too.Perhaps he was lonely.Next trip would be to see other big animals such as elephant,rhino,hippotatamus and giraffe.Hopefully weather would get nicer.

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Chessington Trip

The whole family went to "Chessington World of Adventures" on tuesday together with my friend Abygail.Supposedly our plan was to go to the London Zoo for I so much wanted to see an elephants.We changed our plan according to the time and weather.To London Zoo it is 2 hours max to get in there while in Chessinton only takes us 40 minutes.Since our time was nearly 12:00 o'clock at noon,we opted to go Chessington instead.We get there at exactly the righ time for the sun were shining but yet chilly.After queuing for entrance fee I was so gutted when I knew of their charges.I think it's extremely high.I almost couldn't believe it how much it gone up since the last 2 yrs I been there.If I remembered it correctly I only paid last 2 yrs ago about 50 bucks and child were free by then.Now we paid 70 bucks each and child above 1 meter is charge 35 bucks.Good gracious me!That would be our grocery for week on that amount,lols.Very expensive adventures indeed but we did all enjoy and had so much fun especially Kath and Christian.

Pictures will be on my next entry!

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Wednesday, 30 May 2007

How are you Financially?

A friend of mine's husband had a very bad financial problems.I remembered the times when she calls me for help.It was awfully hard not to be able to help their needs.But I am not loaded person,as if they didn't know.They were neither good of managing their home budgeting though and that was part of their problem.They just kept spending money here and there.What they didn't realise that they have loans everywhere.Interest on the first place are killing them.They should have checked before applying for a personal loans.In today's economy, where every penny counts,it's is extremely crucial to make an informed decision before opting for personal loans.Credit agencies and banks that offer personal loans have their own set of policies and criteria. The onus is on you to compare the loans and ascertain which would make a better choice. Most people begin with comparing the interest rates on personal loans.Why not you?Be wise on making decision regarding loans for it can bring your life a great burden if you messed it up.Get some tips from,they are the real answer and the real solutions.

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Miss Japan crowned Miss Universe 2007

A 20-year-old dancer from Japan who wants to someday open an international dance school, was crowned on Tuesday as Miss Universe 2007, while Miss India Puja Gupta failed to make it to the top five.Riyo Mori nervously grabbed the hands of first runner-up Natalia Guimaraes of Brazil just before the winner was announced.She trembled in awe as the diamond-and-pearl-studded crown was placed on her head.Miss India,Puja Gupta,who had made it to the last ten,however,failed to reach the top five.

Miss USA Rachel Smith,whose chances may have been dimmed when she slipped and fell to the floor during the evening gown competition,was the contest's fourth runner-up.Also finishing in the top five were second runner-up Ly Jonaitis of Venezuela and third runner-up Honey Lee of Korea.The winner travels the world for a year on behalf of charities and pageant sponsors. Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza of Puerto Rico crowned her successor at the end of the two-hour telecast with the headpiece valued at USD 250,000.

Anyone for Miss Universe crown?Email me and ask me whats the secret.I will definitely train you on how to win a crown,hehehe.This is my dream for Kath,lols.Yes,she has to become a Miss England first or Miss philippines.Simple dream but hard to fulfill unless you are capable of presenting yourself into the whole world.Who would be the next lucky girl?Lets just find out net year.

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Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Another Dream Place to Live

Sarasota Florida

Yes Florida has been one of my favourite country to live.It is simple known as a center for good life.Not to mention their beautiful beaches,boating,golf,dining,shopping and theater.Aside from that the "Disneyland",too.Sarasota is the place in Florida where I really wan't to live because it has a friendly temparature which is more than 200 sunny days a year and an average year-round temperature of 71°F.Who would not want to live in a place where it has the warmth sunrays?Great place than where I am right now,for sure.

It is very tempting to drug my husband and move to this absolute paradise.If its only that easy,why not?Few years ago my father in law were looking to buy a property in Florida.But they didn't succeeded for there were some few problems behind the realtors.But now interested buyers about property in Florida,look no further.There is an easy way to get your dream property.

Downtown Sarasota real estate is the one who can help you fulfilling your dream home.Wether you are looking for a luxury properties,sarasota condos,waterfront property,new construction,and many other fun and relaxing areas to live.You've just discovered the easiest way to get in,all you need to do is browse all the located areas that they haved offers and request information on your favourites.You sure gonna drool on this staggering numerous opportunities that they offers for waterfront lifestyles-multi-million dollar estate homes,beach front,bayfront,gulf front homes,canal homes,and river and lakefront properties.

I really would want to have a house just nearby the sea.I think it is the most beautiful dream come true to have it fulfill.It would suit me living in a condo with a perfect amenities it has.Buying a property in Florida would be my greatest dream.Not that I know I can compare prices to any other property market.It has a golf-course as well.How cool would that be?I think I'm gonna be fighting with hubby in terms of areas.He simply love golf and for him having a golf-course property is an absolute number one choice for him.Perhaps we could have both,a house nearby the beach and a golf-course.What do you think?

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Bad timing

As I've said last week that we went to tilgate zoo.Seen few pretty animals and one of them is peacock.I've watched it all through the day hoping that it would open his beautiful fan tail,but I was unlucky.Last time I saw a little a peahen who opened her fan tail,but I was so anxious to see the peacock's one.But I was unfortunate for the whole time,lol.Anyhow I took some picture of the beautiful male bird to share to you.Apparently peacock only opened their fan tail when he see a peahen to impress with his beautiful fun tail.Perhaps I should dress-up like a peahen[laugh].Hoping next time I would be able to see.

Here is a picture of a peacock.Still beautiful although his tail were closed.

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Monday, 28 May 2007

Get an Online Degree Now

I know how important to become a degree holder.I have achieved some of my major dreams and my next target would be at least get a degree so I can easily get qualified in the near future,when the right times come along i.e. when my little one won't be needed looking after or perhaps when he is at least 3 yrs old and ready to be left into a nanny or at school.In this case I still have plenty of times to get myself a degree,it's never too late anyway.I have always dream of becoming a fashion designer and still is my biggest dream but for now I have decided I should proceed my dental practice.I have been inquiring about it and so far I found so many choices.But I have choosen this online college degree program at top schools, such as Capella University, offer learners the opportunity to pursue bachelor's degree programs online.

As an accredited online university with online degree programs in five schools, Capella University provides a high-caliber, educational experience that moves you forward toward achieving your dreams and fulfilling your aspirations.Tons of degree programs to choose which ever the right for you.You can search by school,degree level,or your area of interest whichever you prefer.So don't waste another semester,enroll now and pursue the degree of your dream.

“This (or “the following”) blog post was (or “is”) based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit”

Capella University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA),
Capella University, 225 South Sixth Street, Ninth Floor, Minneapolis, MN 55402, 1-888-CAPELLA (227-3552),
Irene Silber
Capella University

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Grown up Litte Girl of Mine

After our shopping spree on Saturday,we went home and abygail stayed for a night and we had fun taking some pics on that night.Our one beautiful model is Kath and here it is,a stunning shot of my grown up little girl.She is her mother's daughter obviously,lol.Taken in her room before her bedtime.

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Wet Weekend

Weekend is usually a time to spend with family and friends.Saturday I manage to go out with my 2 kids and friends(bea and abygail) to the mall.We didn't fancy for an outdoor's trip because the weather was not up for it.It's been raining eversince the month of May has began.We just went to shopping instead,had a bite to eat at KFC and roamed around the shopping mall looking for the prospect quality stuff to buy in the future when we have our own salary to spend.We had a good old fantasy.[LAUGH]We thought,how nice it would be if we were a millionaires and just shop and grab without worrying if we could afford or not.[HUH]Anyway,we just bought some clothes from United Colours of Benetton,Gap and Mark and Spencer but not the very expensive designer,not just yet,lol.That's all we can afford for not until I win a lottery.[Laugh]

Anyway money matters is not me at all.I would just rather enjoy myself in day-to-day life with my family and friends.Money is not required to please me,just being surrounded by real friends and a very supportive family,is more than enough for me.Sunday another heavy rain striked,we stayed home for all day and just chilled out.Since its hubby's birthday we had a tiny-winny celebration,just to thanked GOD for another years for him and hoping for many more happy returns.Today(Monday-bank holiday here)is another wet day but we plan an aquarium trip anyway despite the weather since it is our promised to Kath to have fun on her semester break.We still have the whole week to enjoy(hubby is taking a week off,too)and hopefully the weather will cooperate.

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Why not Book your Holiday Now?

I am very exciting to have a holiday this summer.We haven't chosen any particular destinations yet but I'll hope it is more about water scenery.I so wanted to take a break and just relax with family for at least few days since its summer.Take advantage of the good sunny weather for it is only up for a short while as far as I am aware of.I notice booking early can save us a lot and plus it will take away all the hassle,no more rushing around,trying to get a last minute deal with no much choice to take.

Hotel Reservation has offers different types of accomodation which includes hotels,motels,resort,vacationm rentals and etc.I would definitely book our holiday before my husband change the destination again.Were planning to go to France for few days and probably visit the disneyland there.I found a great deals in a fin hotel which I fancy to stay.Plus we can also avail their pricing discount which given to people who book it in advance.What a double savings?It means more cash for my shopping in Paris for sure.

I can't wait to take-off and see the amazing Eifel Tower and many other tourist spots.But I would not able to do this if we didn't find this Hotel Reservation which is an absolute lower rates guaranteed.A great helping hand perhaps.From now on,I would not use any any other solution.Hotel reservation is what we really need.So,if its good enough for us(my familyy)it would be great for you and your family,too.World wide destination,great location and many other beautiful view to see.It surely a paradise for all of us.

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Largest States in America by Area

I was just asked by a friend few days ago if I know what is the Largest State in America.A typical me who don't know about world history unsurprisingly didn't able to answer.I did ask an online friend Anna and she said California,but to be fair she said she is not sure because she only guess and found it in her research.Another friend said it's texas and still I was not convince,so I did try google it myself instead.At the end I finally got there.Alaska is the largest state in america,according to this result.Do you think this is right?

Largest States in America by Area
Rank State Total area (km²)
1 Alaska 1,717,854
2 Texas 696,621
3 California 423,970
4 Montana 380,838
5 New Mexico 314,915
6 Arizona 295,254
7 Nevada 286,351
8 Colorado 269,601
9 Oregon 254,805
10 Wyoming 253,348
11 Michigan 250, 736
12 Minnesota 225,171
13 Utah 219,887
14 Idaho 216,446
15 Kansas 213,096
16 Nebraska 200,345
17 South Dakota 199,731
18 Washington 184,665
19 North Dakota 183,112
20 Oklahoma 181,035
21 Missouri 180,533
22 Florida 170,304
23 Wisconsin 169,639
24 Georgia 153,909
25 Illinois 149,998
26 Iowa 145,743
27 New York 141,299
28 North Carolina 139,389
29 Arkansas 137,732
30 Alabama 135,765
31 Louisiana 134,264
32 Mississippi 125,434
33 Pennsylvania 119,283
34 Ohio 116,096
35 Virginia 110,785
36 Tennessee 109,151
37 Kentucky 104,659
38 Indiana 94,321
39 Maine 91,646
40 South Carolina 82,932
41 West Virginia 62,755
42 Maryland 32,133
43 Hawaii 28,311
44 Massachusetts 27,336
45 Vermont 24,901
46 New Hampshire 24,216
47 New Jersey 22,588
48 Connecticut 14,357
49 Delaware 6,447
50 Rhode Island 4,002

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Sunday, 27 May 2007

Cool Ipod Software

I have this ipod video thing,got it from hubby.He knows how much I love music.But since he bought it,there is only about 10 cd's I had manage to import because I can't be ask.I thought its a lot of hardwork uploading music to my ipod.So I only have 300 list of songs into my 17 mo's old ipod.Potentially I could upload 5000 songs for a 40GB.I tried uploaded a film but didn't finish it because of my boredome striked.

Thanks goodness they have made it easy for me for they brought up this incredible iPod video converter.Fast and easy up to 4x faster than any other solutions,accordingly.Basically,I can convert a DVD movie in a high quality and loads of more advanced features under offer which gives everything I need.Now I am going to take advantage of their free trial and excite myself to buy one.

I surely would avail this awesome iPod software so I can start enjoying my IPOD before it's get too old.For as low as 39 bucks,who would resist this offer?I wouldn't definitely.This has been my longest wish.

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Here's mine Anna!

4 Jobs I had

* Clerk Assistant in Airlines and Ships Ticketing Agency
* Waitress in Mivida (in Ayala Mall before)
* Already a boss now(with my family)(laugh)
* Bloggers/Posties (writing opinions about the assign task)(so far,so good)I enjoyed it.

4 movies I've watched over and over again

*Star-wars 1-6
*full monty
*Lords of the Ring 1-3
*Indiana Jones

4 Places Ive'd Lived

*Combado,Bagay,Daanbantayan Cebu(my province where I was born and raised)
*Cebu City(b.rodriguez,hipodromo,escario,apas lahug,ug labangon)
Just 3 in total...sorry!

4 Station I Like to Watch

*Discovery Civilisation
*Living TV

4 Places I've been On A Vacation

*Some island in Phillipines(puerto galera,manila,bohol,malapascua,Angelis City Pampangga.camiguin and dumaguete)

4 Of My Favorite Foods

*Nothing beats Italian food
*All filipino food

4 Places I'd Rather Be Right Now


4 People That I'm Going To Tag

Anyone who would like to grab this.....feel free pls...Thanks Anna!

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The Leading Accounting Software

Do you know what is the leading accounting software in the world?I bet you do,for it is a well-known for their higher performance.One company who has it all.Through its intelligent, modular design, Sage MAS 90 is well suited for a variety of industries providing software solutions that help small to mid-size companies improve workflow and enhance sales performance.

They also offers wide broad selections which includes accounting,financial reporting,business intelligence tools,HR & Payroll,distribution,manufacturing and e-business management.I find it really easy and hassle free.Don't you agree?Yes,as I've said from the very beginning that Accounting Software San Diego has all the solutions that needed for your company or businesses.DSD has a lot to offer for you and with the best support for Sage MAS 90 solutions and Sage MAS 90 & Sage MAS 200 enhancement products available.So if you get fed up of your Acounting software specialist then can surely sort it out for you to make your business more profitable.Don't doubt it!Just think how high their capabilities regarding accounting softwares.Go take a look,for sure!

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Grand Prix De Monaco 2007

Guess who win the Monaco grand prix?Who did you beat?Alonso is my favourite,since M.Shumacher retired.And today I've watched the grand prix de monaco and unsurprisingly Alonso has won.It's sure an awesome feeling to win such title and to be rocognise world wide.

MONACO--Double world champion Fernando Alonso won the Monaco Grand Prix for the second year in a row on Sunday, with team-mate Lewis Hamilton completing a McLaren one-two.The Spaniard's second victory of the season,and 17th of his career,took him back to the top of the Formula One championship on race wins but level on 38 points with 22-year-old rookie Hamilton.

Hamilton,the youngest driver to lead the championship, continued his stellar start to the season with his fifth successive podium finish.

The Briton, runner-up for four races in a row, crossed the line four seconds behind the winner.

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Family pic Before Christian

Our family pictures back 2 yrs ago.Leftside pics was taken during kath's 3rd birthday(5th of November 2004)before her bash.She used to be our little brat and infairness she still is.But taught her a little bit about sharing is good.Right photo was taken during my 23rd birthday(4th of Jan,2005) after been to the beauty parlour(David Saloon)had my treatment and hair cut done.Still I look rough for I was very ill on that day(had a very high fever).Still I was thankful that my beautiful celebration went fine despite from my health.Its so good to kept those memories!How amazing these photographs can take you back.Cool and thanks to those people who invented camera's.You guys are very much honoured and appreciated.

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Personalised Skin Devices

Having a laptop of my own was a simply dream come true.I'd always wanted one since I was only 14,and I had it fulfilled just last christmas.Now what I wanted is a laptop skin to protect it from being scrath.I fancy a skin that will stand out in the crowd and also reflects my tastes and passions.

Luckily there is a site that specialises that matter.They can personalised anything skin you want.You can even upload your own photo and team will design it to fit into your device.Or create you can create your own skin if preferrable with the photo uploader.Applications is not complicated plus its made with high quality.

So,wrap a skin around your Phone,MP3 Player,Laptop,PDA,Gaming Device or Digital Camera and shield those scratch-prone areas.Personalize while you protect.I certainly would do it mine.I want it done before I start travelling around.Might do it as well with my IPOD,camera and mobile phone for sure in one go.Wouldn't you?

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My Self-Esteem...

Q.When you make a mistake do you tend to…
A.Feel ashamed and embarrassed.

Q.On average, when you look at yourself in the mirror what do you believe you see?
A.Someone who is average and often unsure about what to do in life.

Q.When you are dealing with a problem in your life what do you tend to do?
A.Take responsibility for my thoughts, words, and actions because if I take ownership I am not a victim to the situation.

Q.If my wants and needs are different from those of others I am likely to…
A.Depends,if it is about my family and close friends,I'd give up and give in and I'd accommodate.While if it is with my husband,I say, "My way or the highway!" I argue until I get my way.[LAUGH]

Q.When you think about the greater purpose of your life what do you tend to think?
A.I am on course with my purpose, and know I am capable of creating whatever my heart desires for my life.

Q.When I make a commitment to myself I often tend to…
A.I do it with hesitation and fear because I so desperately hate disappointment.

Q.When you talk to yourself (you know, that little voice in your head) what does it tend to sound like?
A.Fairly confident and supportive, but I still have those days when my self-talk holds back my true greatness.

Q.How do you often react to what other people say about you?
A.I value what others have to say about me -- but honestly -- I know who I am, and other peoples' opinions have no bearing on my self-worth.

Q.How easy is it for you to make eye contact?
A.Extremely easy and effortless.

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Get mint-credit cards!

Looking for a better credit cards?I suggest you visit this site.I assure you they have got everything you need from credit card balance transfer.They offers as low as 14.9% APR and it is 0% on purchases until 1 January 2008.I think this is a great option and it is simplier and less complicated to apply.High unrisk of fraud with as much as £7,500 credit limit.How exciting?

What is great about this mint credit card is,they dont ask for an anual fee.They are also worldwide acceptance at over 24 million locations,wherever you see the MasterCard sign.Quick and very friendly 24/7 customer service.So,why wouldn't you give try?

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How would you respond?

How would you react or respond,if someone called you an over confident person?Would you take it as a compliment?In what way?

For me I would not get upset,partly because it is not far off from being boastful.I had a good friend that was being called by someone an overly confident.She didn't get upset at all nor bothered because she take it as a compliment although this someone did clearly meant it in a bad way.But to be honest my friend is never like that but a humble human being with a higher level of education.

It's just depend on how you would react to this situation.Let me know,your view?

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Friday, 25 May 2007

Public Routes-Boston has closely studied the MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority) and has developed detailed Boston T map and directions using public transportation for the entire Boston area. combines features that users look for all over the internet in one place like the weather, traffic updates, transit interruptions, etc - making it an invaluable tool to check each morning before heading out the door. is an invaluable resource for travelers to Boston. believes that people like to have a feeling of security and confidence when traveling in unfamiliar cities and provides all the information travelers need in one place from the moment they begin planning their trip. This includes: flights to and from the city, car services, hotel booking, directions, maps, the weather, restaurants, etc. With, you can literally plan your entire visit to Boston on one website!

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Girls Day Out

I am having an off tomorrow.Seems I am working hard,huh!Shouldn't it be my husband who need a time off?He had his off few weeks ago and its my turn now,lol.I am meeting with girls tomorrow,would probably take my daughter since it is a girls day out.Would be nice to have a day off from too handful son.Weekend should be for family but I would not feel guilty for a one day out.We will have plenty of times for family,it would be the whole week next week(hubby and Kath are both on holiday break).Which is terrefic!We surely would go and have fun.

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Florida Agriculture-Amazing

As I've watched through this whole video ,I was so amazed how beautiful and great is the Florida Agriculture.Planted with perseverance by those great industrious and hard working farmers.Because of them Florida Agriculture has been a great food provider to the entire globe.It is a massive Agriculture provider about $87 billion,tremendously huge.Just think in every vegetable you ate,that is freshly harvested from Florida Agriculture.Awesome,ain't it?

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Got my balikbayan box dilivered

Yesterday afternoon around 6pm,my balikbayan box arrived.I ordered a large box last week and I was surprised how enormous it is.I now have to fill it up and surely will take time to choose what to send and not.But I am very excited for I can have a run through my wardrove and take out all the stuff that I been wanting to send.Plus all my kids outgrown clothes.I sure there are loads of many exciting stuff I would love to send out to my family.Did I mention that I got a free bulilit box?Yes I did,its really worth using Parrochilin Forwarder.

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Customised Stickers

Anyone for bumper stickers?I would love to have one soon as I will have a car of my own.I like the idea very much.I might need to start thinking of my best bumper words now.Regarding designs,I would prefer to choose it myself.That would be really cool.Guess where I'm planning to have it done?I din't look no further at all as I didn't need to for I have found the perfect bumper sticker maker.This site will do it all with "full-color vinyl bumper Stickers–in any size, any Shape, and any design you choose–for less than you’d pay elsewhere.

At CustomizedStickers are not only great maker but also affordable.It is a great way of promoting business,band,products,group or cause just like mini-billboards,which will work everyday in a week to be able to diliver your message across.

If you prefer less colour stickers,I suggest you choose the 1 or 2 colour labels,which are also very versatile which you use in many other purposes like packagin,tools,envelope,wine bottles,cd covers and many more.So don't look elsewhere for a bumper sticker printing because here in,they've got what you need.

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Blood Related

Do you guys know Juliana Palermo?A filipino sexy actress?Yes this is her,at the left side of the picture together with her older sister Sharon.Juliana is one famous hot babe in philippines and starred loads of sexy movies.She grew up in USA and have 4 siblings in all.Her mum were married 3 times.First husband was a filipino and was blessed with 2 children,then 2nd marriage was to an English man and blessed with one beautiful daughter and that is Sharon.Then Juliana is being conceived after the 3rd marriage to another Filipino man.She has a younger brother who is a special child.Can you spot a similarity between these two beautiful women?I think they have the same smile and eyes.What do you think?

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Wanted Score Parents to Blog

Education is a must,especially in today's world where everything are based of high-technology.I am into good education and so is hubby.We are even thinking for our kids future school.Our daughter Kath is now at reception 1 and a year after next she would be joining a preparatory school.For that reason me and hubby are thinking to give her the best education we can possibly afford.Kath is now benefiting a free school and infairness she does learn loads of things each day.I am hoping that she would maintain her high academic so she would be able to get a qualification into one of the top grammars school here.That would be a great save for us.

Me and hubby are very happy of our daughter's learning process but at the same time we are sad about my niece,who is now 10 yrs old and yet struggling to pass her subjects.It's so sad to know because she was actually a bright girl when she was my daughter's age.Perhaps she needs help,so we then decided to hire someone to tutor her and about a few months she was showing some improvements.This tutorial program are really a great help for all who have learning difficulties.

So to all parents out there you are all invited for writing a blog regarding this innovative tutor.The Score Educational Center have been providing kids with a fun way to catch up, keep up, and get ahead in their studies,for nearly 15 yrs.They are widely recognised and had already help more than 250,000 children.Not only in academic but a lifelong love of learning.So parents out there,what are you waiting for?Grab this opp and help make a change into many lives of children.

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Thursday, 24 May 2007

Before and Now

You are all right girls!This is me when I was 10 yrs old and now at 25 yrs old.I must admit I look so odd back 15 yrs ago.With my inproper haircut,a rugged shirt and strange facial expression.Glad that most of you recognise me.I guess it is a bit obvious because if you really look both pictures,there are certain hints.Not to mention my eyes is still the same and of course the nose,flat as usual,hehehehe and finally my mole.Yes that is me,no doubt.[Laugh]

What so funny is,my husband had seen this pictures few times before I tell him it is me.I thought he would recognise but he didn't.He was really surprised and almost cannot believe that it is me on that picture.He thought it is my nephew(Robin)[LOL].He said I am very ugly looking and thought its a boy.I just laugh my a** out.So did he.

Anyway I would like to thanks all of you who made a comments,it was very much appreciated.Also to all my visitors,from all over the globe.Thank all you friends!

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How would you like to date with a Hot Celeb?

Upon viewing this video I was like"WOW" look at this very hot celeb,the one and only Mirely Taylor?Wouldn't you be interested to date with her?Huh!She has it all,body,looks,personality,everything that a guy could dream of.She has appeared on movies such as Kiss Me Again and Serving Sara and television shows including “Las Vegas”, “Punk’d”, and “Numb3rs”.So if you fancy a date with this very fine Lady Taylor,you might as well check this Free videos at for a start.This is an online reality dating show where GOFISH users have the ability to win a date with a hot hollywood celeb.Just simply submit videos,nothing particular,but at least more than 1 for more chances to win a celeb date.The more videos the more chances you can get.

This is only happen by once chance perhaps to seduce a hot celebrity.SO why not you join up and see if you could be Mirely Taylor's lucky date.That would be absolutely a breathtaking.I am actually interested myself to join up.I might submit loads of video's and who knows I could date my all time favourite celebrity.So guys,go and start seducing a celebrity now!

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List of my 6 websites I usually visit are:

1)PPP-I always check out the new opp-24/7.
2)My 2 account in Blogspot-I have quite few and I regualarly checked it out for new updates.
3)Smorty-Another blog advertising site-checking for new opp,as well.
4)Blogvertise-for the same reason as my 1 and 3.
5)Friendster-to add new photos and check out friends new photos,too.
6)Friends Homepages-To visit and read each of their entries.

Thanks for the tagged darlene

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PPP Direct Launches

The time has now come that bloggers and advertisers can negotiate better about writing into blogs.I think this going to be great for all the posties that are trying to make money while blogging.This is one great opportunity to earn more,for your hardwork.This new launches about direct word of mouth marketing is a click away.PPP has launches this new version that is going to be big and are available for all the posties.All it takes is sign,exactly the same with the review me thing,but very different regarding the payouts.Why?Because review me or any other competitors services you know that they charge no more less than 50-100% while PPP Direct where advertisers hire you to write directly on to our blogs they will only charge less as 35%.Can you imagine that?Who would not prefer to earn more?

Furthermore,security to both parties(bloggers and advertisers) is sure secured.So nothing to worry.To be recognise by the advertisers,simply put a badge into your blog so whenever advertisers click into it,they can surely see it.This direct viral marketing is launchec out as a request.How exciting!Posties can actually save more money from their blog advertising than usual.The great advantage about this PPP direct launches are you dont have time limit.So bothr parties can benifits each other.They need you and you need them.So why wait?

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The Youngest American Idol Winner

Cheers to you"Jordin Sparks".She is the winner of american idol season 7,the youngest winner in all season.At 17 yrs old,you can't really believe that she has a great voice.Look at her now capturing America's heart and beat Blake Lewis.She has a great charisma and charm and of course her one big weapon her amazing vocal.Congratulations JOrdin Sparks,I'm sure gonna buy your records in the future,coz you've been my favourite from the very beginning that get through to the finale and won.I'm so very happy for you.You deserve it!

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Who else need a Calorie Burner?

Definitely my hubby need the most.I surely would introduce this to him,soon as he comes home.Why not?As this is absolutely free to join up,there is no credit card required.Plus nothing to lose but your unwanted fats.Who do not want to lose their flabbiness and become fit and healthy?We all do,don't we?But how?

Go to where they offer this free membership for joining their team.You can benifits their free calorie counter which can tracks your daily diets to make sure you eat the right healthy food.They are actually very easy to use because it learns from you.It might not be easy to lose weight,but if you think about your health you would do it without any doubt with this great helping hand.

So,stop waiting and putting it off! Start losing weight the healthy way today — all for FREE!All the tools you need for healthy, sustainable weight loss are right at your fingertips — and you'll never have to pay a cent! So what are you waiting for? Stop wasting money on other dieting programs.Join today and get on the path to healthier living!

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Who is this girl?

Do you recognise this little girl?Then why not you tell me who is she?Doesn't she looks ugly?Com'on she is ugly isn't she?I think so...scary looking perhaps.Intriuging isn't it?I'm interested to see and to find out how she turn's out as an adult?Wanna find out?Then perhaps you should come back for the result(updates).

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A Great Stairlifts

Have you meet your lifting needs?A stairlifts perhaps.If you havent,I can recommend you to this great lifting manufacturer,not to mention their wide different ranges like the superglide,standing,curved,home,outdoor and perched stairfits which are designed to meet their user needs as closely as possible.Not only that they are able to offer you a range of powered features to make using a stairlift even easier.

Value stairlifts also feature a unique operating toggle which was designed with input from occupational therapists with the aim of making operating stairlifts simple even for those with limited strength or mobility in the arm and hand.Plus loads of additional benefits on any stairlifts purchased.That is good as you can get,no doubt.For this kind of needs,Value stairlifts is a company you can rely on to provide a service which is second to none.

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Are you a cheater?

When it comes to food I am definitely a cheaterI buy these ready made meals that only takes seconds to prepare.I have a lazy a** who loves to just seat around all day and do bugger all.That's what I'm good at.I love microwave meals,we can only eat real proper food when hubby cooked them.In fairness I cooked once in a blue moon,with my specialty filipino food with lots of salt on it,lols.

How about you?Are you a cheater,too?Or is it just me,maybe?

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