Monday, 16 April 2007

Tag from Anna/Weekend Summary

I have been tag by ANNA and have to write down my reasons for blogging.I simply love blogging,this has been my comfort zone eversince.Here are my Reasons:

*I was encouraged by a close friend, GINA to make a blogsite and should start blogging.After a months of refusing I eventually gave a try.Firstly I register as a blogger at but for some reasons I moved to blogspot then on to Angelic-pink and now I'm back to Blogspot once again.

*Blogging is one easy way for expressing feelings,a great way of exchanging ideas,I learned some online stuff such as editing html codes as you can all see how I keep changing my blog looks.By trying I gradually learned bit by bit.

*My only simple pleasures.As like others I love photography,digital scrapping,surfing the net and whatever come across my way that are sort of humorous/funny story,it can be historical,entertainment,events,news that I would considered sharing without hesitation.

*Family and friends are able to get through on to me by simply clicking/searching my blog site.They can easily track on me anytime anywhere and vice versa.

*Great things about blogging is; it helps a lot better about my English construction.Though not perfect but at least I can see improvements.In hindsight English language is very considerate and forgiving,no matter how badly written is the grammar if the person reading is smart enough to understand in its content then grammar would not be a problem.Therefore I don't and never did or never will judge other's grammatical error.To be honest my English ain't great,I'm certain about it.Therefore reading post blog-to-blog particularly the entries that are written in English would be my target.Here's a keen learner so,feel free to correct my grammar.

*Through blogging I have met loads of online friends.I mean nice people globally,not just filipina but different nationalities.

*Great tips about motherhood or good parenting.Blogging is definitely superb and amazing way of showing our inner ability and knowledge expansionism.I'm so glad/proud to be a blogger.

So these are my reasons for blogging.Thanks dear Anna for the tagged!

Just a quick recap over our weekend:

Saturday:Trip to Wimbledon Village(where Hubby's Auntie live)Approximately time travel 45-50 minutes from our place.Plus 30 minutes stop over for our lunch at filipino cafe.Because I was craving for a filipino dish lately.

Purposed:To see Great Granny before she go back to Devon(west part of England).
That was successfully great day and granny simply adores my two monster(Kath&Christian).

Other Events on that day:It was the "Grand National" horse racing where Great Granny won more or less 150 british pounds sterling(nearly $300).By betting a pound in each way.As generous as her,she manage to gave us 10 pounds each so that was worth a trip.(Laugh)

Sunday:We had a trip to Kent also known as "Garden of England".

Purposed:To see their Grammar School and the Prep School that were planning to send our kids in the near future.Private education is highly recommended these days.

In 2 years time Kath would be going to a Preparatory School more likely at the of 7 to 11.Were planning to send her to private school which cost 8-9k per year around $15,000 dollars.Yes it is quite an expensive school but for our kids future no such thing as expensive with a hope that by the age of 12 she will then be able to qualify herself into a grammar school which is free for those who are academically bright kids.No doubt 100% that she will pass the academic test.(Smile-wink)

While were there, we took advantage to look up all the houses that was up on the online market.The house that we like best is the beautiful 4 bedrooms detached house which located half-way to both school that were aiming to send our kids.Hubby absolutely love it,but a little price problem of course.It is kinda pushing the edge of our price bracket(which is up to 400 gran only,about $800,000 dollars is our budget).But were only house hunting at this time,but in 4-5 months later we will definitely buying one to move on to,and hoping this house that we like would still be on the market with a hope that the price will then drop a little bit and we will be laughing.[LOL]!Looking to sale this place we were at now or maybe rent this out.Will just wait and see.

Anyway here's a little something to shares:

Christian's ride!

My monster!

Kath's bicycle!

Christian insisted to have a picture taking,hehehe.As we stop by to have our lunch in a filipino cafe at Merton Abbey.

At the back of Hubby's Aunt's house.

Pose lang ko hehehe

A pose with hubby,christian felt a little bit left-out,lols!

Our little girl striking a pose.

Playing with the tiny rocks.

A pose before nabungi---kay namomo after ani nga pose hehehehe.

To see more pictures simply CLICK HERE.Thank you kindly!All the comments and tags were highly appreciated!

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aesia said...

good morning gwaps..ako gyud naka una diri ug comment. hehe ^_^ ang imong chikiting lingaw kaayo in liwat gyud sa mama mo pose gyud basta picturan hehe......hala oi kang mahala diay ug bayad pa eskwela ron sa? hmm pero i know kaya na ninyo gwaps oi naa bitaw si banana nimo heheh.

Angie said...

Hi Haze, seems like you had real good time with your family trip and activities. Wish you all the best in your future plans and virtues.

Regarding my question about the layout; I am not yet using the layout I wanted. It sure looks neat now, but unsaon mani nga maka adik pod ug utro-utro sa background and everything to satisfy my eyes. I'm also learning. Maybe just maybe, I'll figure it out later on. Thanks for the reply ha.

Daffodale said...

Good evning Sexy queen mommy ",) I'm glad to visit your house again. Thank's for sharing and keep posting. i love to read it about your daily routine. Grabeeh gwaps ka cute jud sa imong mga Angel oi.. wafa og wafo ayooo. your so blessed and lucky to have that 1 Girl & 1 boy tag-isa nmo ug liwat sa imo imong banana.
cge gwapss balik balik lng ko here... Muah hugs sa imong mga angels. Take care and God bless you more.

Pathbb said...

kathbb nice pics,enjoying the weather huh!Thats good.tagsa ra baya kaayo ning ani nga panahon..enjoy to the max gyud ta ani!

ladyracs said...

Yes, that was so generous of Granny sharing her blessing gyud... It's great to be near family member gyud, kami tawon twice a year magkita is enough, di gud makaila akong mga anak nila. Great photographs as always, nahan kaayo ko anang pics ninyo duha ni Simon unya nagatan-aw si Christian ninyo, nag-oberve sa pagkasweet ni mommy ug daddy! ug kanang picture ni Kath nga nakita na iyang panty, hahaha, maremember naku si Lisa ana. Perti dayon dagan niya naku kay ipasirado, pagkiat niya balik, abre nasab... Di na dayon niya suoton, ako nalang gi hook and eye man siguro tawag ana...
Well you guys always have wonderful plans for the family and the kids future... Keep it up... You both are doing great as parents and are so blessed to have those sweet little angels.!

arlene said...

nice photos there Haze! sorry karon lang ko ka balik diri! na busy lagi kay nia na ko ka chat sa balay:) hehehe..anyways, looked like u guys had a good time, thanks for sharing!

Anna said...

Hi there haze, good day to you dai. First of all thanks for answering my tag. Love all your answers. Blogging is really fun and I don't think I can stop it hehehhehe.

Na enjoy ko tan-aw sa inyo mga pictures io, ka lingaw nlang gyud ninyong tanan tan-awon. Ang imoha mga piso kay asta ka mga gwapa ug gwapa gyud ba liwat gyud sa parents.

Cge dai ha.. Ugma na sab...