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History and Origin of Mother's Day

We had celebrated our mother's day here in UK a month ago.But I know May is the most known of celebrating the Mother's Day.However I found out that there are few Countries also celebrating their Mother's Day in different dates and months.But after all,it has the same outcomes.

Early Tributes to Mother

Some historian believes that the earliest celebrations of Mother's Day was the ancient spring festival dedicated to mother goddesses.The ancient Greek empire had a spring honouring Rhea,wife of Cronus and mother of the gods and goddesses.In Rome there was a Mother's Day-like festival dedicated to the worship of Cybele,also a mother goddess.Ceremonies in her honour began some 250 years before Christ was born.This Roman religious celebration known as Hilaria,lasted for three days from March 15-18.

Mother's Day history began nearly a thousand years B.C. with the Phrygians of Asia Minor. Their cult honored the Great Mother, Matar Kubileya, at their annual spring festival. This cult was introduced to Greece as early as the 5th century B.C. where the Great Mother became associated with Rhea. In the 3rd century B.C., the Romans knew Matar Kubileya as Cybele. After the introduction of Christianity, this celebration was held on the 4th Sunday of Lent, in honor of the Virgin Mary.

Mothering Sunday

In the U.K. during the 1600s, the celebration was expanded to honor all the mothers of England. The 4th Sunday of Lent was recognized as "Mothering Sunday." On this day, the poor servants of the wealthy were given the day off to return home to their mothers. Special church services were held in honor of the Virgin Mary, and mothers at home enjoyed flowers, small gifts and "mothering cakes."

Mother's Day in the U.S.

In the mid 1850s an Appalachian homemaker named Anna Jarvis wanted to raise awareness of the poor conditions in her community. She believed that mothers would best support the cause, so she established a day called "Mother's Work Day." The Mother's Work Clubs that developed from her efforts raised funds to provide medicine, milk, food and domestic help to those who had tuberculosis. During the Civil War, these women provided medical assistance to soldiers on both sides of the war. Near the end of the war, Mrs. Jarvis held a Mother's Friendship Day, on which people on both sides could come together peacefully. To the surprise of many, the day was a success and was a turning point in Mother's Day history.

In 1907, nearly two years after the death of Mrs. Anna Jarvis, her daughter, also named Anna, began work to memorialize the life of her mother. Her mother's church in West Virginia held the first celebration on the second anniversary of Mrs. Jarvis' death, May 12, 1907. White carnations, Mrs. Jarvis' favorite flower, were handed out at the service. Miss Jarvis also began to campaign in earnest to prominent businessmen, clergymen and politicians to create a national Mother's Day. By 1911, nearly all the states were celebrating the day on their own, but it wasn't until 1914 that President Woodrow Wilson declared the second Sunday in May a national holiday, Mother's Day.

At first Mother's Day was celebrated with church services and by writing letters to mom. Slowly this evolved as letters turned into Mother's Day cards. Flowers, gifts and other tokens of affection eventually accompanied these cards. Miss Anna Jarvis, the recognized founder of the modern Mother's Day, felt that the commercialization of the day was taking away from the sentiment and reportedly commented shortly before her death that she regretted working to establish the holiday. Despite her disappointment, Mother's Day flourished in the U.S.

Mother's Day Around the World

People all over the world spend at least a day every year to honor their mother. In the U.S. and several other parts of the world, including Japan, Australia and parts of Europe, Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. In the UK, Mothering Sunday falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent. Elsewhere in the world mothers are honored:

on the second Sunday in February in Norway
on the first day of spring in Lebanon
on the first Sunday in May in South Africa
on May 10 in Mexico
on the last Sunday in May in France and Sweden
two weeks before Christmas in Serbia.
on the second Sunday in October in Argentina.
Also in October, the Hindus of India hold Durga Puja, a ten-day festival in honor of Durga, the Divine Mother. In Spain and Portugal, December 8 is a day set aside to pay tribute to the Virgin Mary and for children to honor their mother.

Each country has its own way to celebrate Mother's Day, but it all comes down to one thing: Showing your mother you care in some special way.

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