Friday, 20 April 2007

Happy Birthday Mama!


Yesterday,I finally had my cervical/smear test.Result is yet to be done in 3 weeks time.I was told by the Doctor that my blood pressure was rather too low.Not only that she also say I am very tiny and my weight is not balance with my height.She then asked,If I do missed meals,or not eating regularly.

It is very sad for me to think that I had almost diagnosed of eating disorders.I replied back that I am still breastfeeding my son and can't afford to miss a meal.I have 3 meals a day and some nibbles in between and more often I have a midnight snack.That should be plenty,don't you think?I'm only 5 foot and 2 inches for heaven sake.I am much heavier compare 2 yrs ago,I only weighed about 38 kilograms while now I weighed 42/43 kg's and how's that become a problem?I don't look malnourished,do I?

Anyway,there's nothing serious to worry about.All it takes is eating more specifically on dark green veg/fruits,red meat or any food that are rich in iron.I've said that my BP has always been low,I probably got it from my Mum.So opposite with my Dad because he is over average/highblood I should say.

Till here guys and before I get off I would like to say thank you to all my visitors and friends for all you thoughtful tags and comments.

Have a safe day everyone!


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AnneRosie said...

happy b-day sa imong mama kid..ingna sya from me...god bless to her and be healthey everyday..muahh

kookie said...

Hello sexy, hows it going there?

Happy birthday sa imo mama many more candle to blow tc and have a great day.

ladyracs said...

Happy birthday ni mama dae Haze, wish her more health, happiness and many more years to celebrate!

Hala dae Haze, di man tawon ka Mal-nourish tan-awon oi... pero tungod siguro kay nagabreastfeeding paman diay ka ni Christian, daku pud raba bataa, buyag lang. Ako kay ginalutas naku na sila just before mag 1 year old sila, around 10 or 11 months.
I hope nga maayo ang result sa imong test, kay pabalik-balikon raba ka ana nila, imonitar tanan nimong gianakaon. Dugangi nalang imong intake bitaw sa mga iron foods, ug daghan nga mga gulay ug prutas.Unya vitamins, dayon tulog sayo..... advice pud ko labon ako grabe sab kulang sa tulog. Gi curfewhan na gani, padungol ra gihapon..!

Sige dae Haze, get plenty of rest, and have a blessed and safe weekend. Kisses to the little ones...Muaaah!

Daffodale said...

Happy Bday to your mama haze",) wish her good health always.

Oy Haze ur not look malnourished kaya nag kaing-ana ka ky late na siguro ka matulog. bitaw tama si rac'z all u need is enough sleep and plenty of rest ky especially your still give breastfeeding to your son Dako baya bataa oy buyag=buyag lang. get plenty of rest huh... Muah hugs to u & ur cutie lil kidz. Take care always and God bless you more

pathbb said...

kathbb happy bday to you mom diay..April pod diay mohang mom,pareha mi..hehehe.Its good to eat vegetables bitaw kathbb every meal.mag meat gani with vege gyud na..mao rana akoa ika advice,kay i have balance diet book here that Patrick brought from London pa gyud when he was there for his work..O cge kani ra akoang masulti,take care diha..

Angie said...

Happy birthday sa imo mother dear Haze. I can definitely understand why the doctor told you that. I am also nursing my baby that's why I'm losing weight fast. I am back to my pre-preg weight now. We are of the same height and I weigh 100 lbs. I still take my prenatal vitamin as the doctor always reminds me since I prefer to breastfeed. Usahay ma ulahi jud ang kaon kay demanding ang anak.

Cge uy, I'm sure you're fine. God bless!

Anna said...

Happy Birthday sa imoha Mama dai Haze... Hope many many more birthday to come.

Io na unsa man diay ka io. Mura man ka himsog tan-awon dai. I hope you'll be alright. Ayo ayo gyud tawon dai...

Happy Weekend ninyong tanan dinha.

babigurl said...

lipay au mama sa gift ug party te....salamat daw