Tuesday, 24 April 2007


I am a stayhome mum and yet can't drive.I can't go anywhere far without my hubby's transport.Every after our lunch when kids are having their afternoon nap and I have nothing else to do,I used to surf the net and did some online shopping.I became a great fan of it and yes you can get many good deals.

Today,as usual of me I was browsing to find some good auction sites.And this Auction Sites came up the best.I didn't hesitate to take a tour.After I have read all their guidelines I decided to sign up and join so I could play their auction games such a Bid4Prizes low bid auction, unique bid, low unique bid and standard auction bid.

Visit bid4prizes now and register then start to play.You can either bid online or using your cell phone.Wide range of cool prizes that you surely win.Go start bidding now and you might bid me up.

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ladyracs said...

Hello gorgeous...haha parehas diay ta di ka dirve, poor me kay dugay naman ko dinhi. Naa na ko learners permit pero wa man gud mobantay sa mga anak. Unya hadlok man ko anang mo bayad driver kay dalhon dayon sa highway.

Ana sab ko di maka shopping kung wa si David, usahay sa buntag ba-o sya matulog, mostly kung off na sya. Mo shop online sab ko usahay. I'll check that site kung naa na ko time, I'll take them to the park for now.

aesia said...

waaaaaa parihas ta gwaps oi...as in wla pa gyud gani ko kasuway ug mag practise ug drive.....sus permi sad intawn takin akong anabs kung asa mo adto..labi na ug mo adto sa mall hay ka fait..kay as in dalian kaau ning mga lalaki e kuyog ug manoroy kay mao pa gnai pag abot gusto na mo uli. mao ni naka fait sa dli kamao mo drive sa.

Raquel said...

Hi Haze, drive ka na para kahit saan marating mo.

Pay per post na diay pod ka, maayo kaayo ni nga business kay lingkodx, blogging2x ga earn pa jud og kwarta. What a great idea.