Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Upset of the Weather!

Weather over here ain't great at all.I could not believe that we still have Snowy days on spring time.Literally,we had snow yesterday,an Icy raindrops or shall we call it a sleet snow.On the afternoon we had a solid ice falling and a snowflakes on the night.Horrible unfriendly weather we have at the moment and I so much hate it.

I pretty much sat down on my pc these days.It is more likely that my excitement is completely ruined.I am dissatisfied,discontent because I just totally missed the fun outdoors.Here's hoping....for a sun,pls grant my wish Lord!I'm so longing to feel the warmth of the sun.Im so bored here being lockep-up by my online pleasures.I'm already feed up that I cannot go out without wrapping myself up.[SIGH][HUH]

I had been attacked by my laziness lately,so I didn't wait for a second thought to hired a cleaner just for a day.I had known this Lady for 6 mo's already.She is also desperate to earn extra,so when I asked her favour to come around for a day and do my ironing and cleaning,she rushed straight away.[LOL]It ain't cheap so I better not used to it or else we will end up living on the street.At last I had chilled out after seeing our flat so tidy for the very first time,hahahahahahaha.

Sat down on my pc again,the ym window popped up and it was my sisters.They greated me a happy mother's day!It's kinda late but at least they remember,hehehehe.We chatted for few hours with cam of course and it was like we are in the same room altogether with our never endless laughters.Hubby and kids enjoyed as much as I do,because we had such a humurous conversation.Great...great time that was,really.Apart from seeing us through the live camera,they are also able to see the online pictures and video's that I've made.This has been the reason for my video's and photos updates days after days.

Before we ended our chats I took a picture of them through the webcam,because I really thought this is a great and sweet pictures of them together.

Isn't it sweet?

Ella,Anna and Leah

I so missed them....badly!


Yahneh said...

nyak nako. bad weather, bad..! haha anyway ur friends looks nice huh., hay., ill be missin mine., :P

babigurl said...

te haze ...nice lage sah...kindly post it into ur friendster then I will grabbed it from you pls?Thanks....regards to my loving pamangkin nalang....miss you all!