Tuesday, 13 March 2007


March 8,2006(Thursday)

A biggest store in the town(Collingwood Bachelor)had a big sale!As a regular customer we were invited for an exclusive 20% off sale after sale.We grabbed some cups and some wine glass by Denby.Then we pursued into the clothes section and grabbed a polka dress for myself and for the kids as well.We also got some silver frames for my Father in law.

March 9,2007(Friday)

I had my interview in Woking Job Centre at 11 am for my National Insurance.We left in the house around 10:20 later than we planned of course.Glad we arrived on time.Hubby and our son was not allowed upstair.So I had to go up myself.My interviewer was a bummer.It was so annoying that he had to asked me the exact date of my first trip here.Not only that,he also asked where I stayed on that time,lol.How non-sense was that?Do he have to?It was kinda nerve-racking,you know.I wasn't prepared at all.Not only 5 or 10 question but thousands.I was like,what the heck!For getting a National Insurance Number?Do I have to go through all of these sh*t?Blimey!

Anyway at the end I got what I want.However,as I was told off by my interviewer for he mistakenly thought that our marriage contract was photocopy.I didn't reason out instead I had to take it out with hubby right after my interview and he said it was an original copy from NSO with a sealed on it.So,what can I do?I didn't know,not guilty.It's done![LOL]

As appointment success hubby had to treat me.He take me for a lunch.We went to Thai Restaurant at Reigate town.I had my favourite thai spicy chicken soup with coconut milk for my starter and thai noodles,one of their specialty and a green curry.It was delicious!This is what I used to order at Khru thai in SM cebu.Then we proceed to my dress shopping for a dinner night out on the next day.

March 10 2007(saturday night)

The 70th b-day of my dad in law.We had dinner party at Amberly Castle.My 2nd time on that special posh place.Awesome place!

March 11,2007(Sunday)

We had a dinner with my Mum in law.Weather was rather cool at 40%.Now its back to working days my dearest blog!

I would just shares some video.Made this montage for my family and friends of course!Enjoy!

Kath learning to play piano with grandma!

Thanks guys for all your thoughtful messages!


aesia said...

HI GWAPS CONGRATS KAY SUCCESS IMONG INTERVIEW..and happy 70th birthday to ur father in law

jennyr said...

Hello Haze! musta na dyan? i had fun watching ur videos...as to ur interview, I understand how u feel...hadlok pod ko og mga interview oi...hehehe! Kalami ba atong imong mga gipangmention nga food oi, makagutom,hehehe! cge ayu2!!!

irel said...

hi gwapa naenjoy ko ug tan-aw 2x pod s aiong videos gipamost:) Congrats and take care mwah!

aesia said...

Hello gwaps kumustamos atong beauty? nindot na ang panahon ron no? dli na gyud tugnaw.

hmmm ning balik ko diri ay kay wla pa man ko naka kita sa imong vedios..dia oi maka lingaw man ka gwaps kay perti gyud nimong lukso lukso.hehhe
thanx for sharing ha. na enjoy ko tan-aw sa inyo.

Malou said...

Hallo Haze. dah oi nalibat man ko sa color mao la ra nako basaha imo update...... ako lang gilantaw ang bidyo nindot mo kaayo labi na si Kath kay gatoon ug piano , nindot kaayo kari akoa diri gusto lagi mo eskwuela ug unsaon pag piano ,mao bisag asa lang ko pangutana kay mahal man kaayo ang 30 minuto lang, mao lagi iya gusto.... sigi lang ug tagaan ug grasya sa Ginoo siguro makuha niya ang iyang pangandoy heheh ug gadula pod mo diha, nindot bitaw kaayo ang panahon ron ay .mao na bc ko diri. sigi enjoy sa tanan diha mag pamilya ... diay balik na pod ka sa blogspot, lisod ba ang angelic naa baya ko ang kaso lang hangtod ron dili lagi ko tigo ato......... sigi oi taas na ni akoa balita diri makasab-an ko ani sa tag-iya taas kaayo heheheh......

arlene said...

hey haze!!! sori ha, karon ra ko kabalik;( na busy akong beauty ug paningakamot..anyway...ayaw lang ug ka discourage sa blovertise kung wala pa cla nag reply sa imo, basin pod kay bag-o pa ning imong blog, PPP also requers blogs that are at least 3 months old or have 30 entries, whichever comes first. daghan unta mga assignments sa PPP kaya lang wala jug ko time, so lingaw-lingaw ra ning akoa jud...anyways, i had fun watching u videos too, spring na jud diha noh? i saw some daffodils na, although, it's getting warmer here too, so it will be really soon now that the tulips will be out na. taas na man ni oi!hehehe, well, happy st patricks day na lang diha:)

Anna said...

Wow ka nindut sa imoha babae io kay play man gud piano. Maayo makabalo na haze kay para naa ka pianist ba. Thanks diay sa imoha tag ha nalingaw ko dinhi tan-aw sa imoha mga video what a fun day gyud io.. Take care and God bless..