Friday, 30 March 2007


First and foremost TGIF!

What you gonna do if an opportunity come's knocking on your door?Working abroad are everyone's dream.In today's world it is the only way of getting out the poverty.You been working so hard in the country where you born and raised but nothing really change or shall I say no improvements.The fact is in our country(Philippines)most employee's are underpaid yet carry on working for there are no choices to take or else you will starve.Anywhere you go there are lots of unemployed people in short jobless.Who can actually solve the problem?Who to blame?We all know the answers,don't we?

Anyway my sister and I had a conversation this morning through YM.She was telling me that her flight to Taiwan is drawing so near.Most people who had been working abroad aren't happy or just pretending to be.Clearly my sisters is not happy nor excited because she sure will miss her baby girl.But because she is thinking about her daugter's future that hold's on to it.If she works in Taiwan she will earn 30,000 php.Not much really if we think about it.But in reality it is more than 4 times on what she earns in Cebu recently.I perfectly understand how she feels leaving her daughter behind.It's a lot harder for her,I know.At the end of the day it's her decision and we are just here her family to support her whatever she decide to do.I feel sad for her but as a mother I also understand that looking at your child future is the most important.My sister is an awesome mother no doubt and leaving her daughter is not gonna make her a bad mother,I told her that for nothing.

On our end here,today is not a busy day and nothing fancy to share apart from my hubby is working at home.As usual he cooked our lunch(chicken afritada) and not to gloat but it is really very impressive considering it is a filipino style way of coocking.Tasty and perfectly done!Thanks Daddy your the best!Will post the pics later,still on downloading process.


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Thursday, 29 March 2007

Yesterday's Disaster,and Todays Weather!

I was such in great panic yesterday because my son had high fever.He had a very high temperature about 40.5 degree's celcius.I was on my own and don't know what to do apart from dosed him up with a Calpol suspension.Which the easiest way to do.Tried to phone hubby but I wasn't able to get through in the 100 times trying to dialed his number with no luck at all.Eventually I gave up,and was just trying to calm myzself down bit by bit.Too much worries came up into my mind,thinking so many possible things that caused him fever.It can be because he is teething and all his molars and k9 are coming through at ones.

Later in the night hubby arrived from work.He rushed in and give us all big hugs and kisses.I snap out at a sudden looking at hubby in relief.He told us how worried he was and was actually worst to find out my mobile was also switched off.Not only our landline.What actually had happened?I was unaware that Christian would actually play our handset and locked the incoming calls.Such a disctractive little thing!About my mobile phone it was on charged and forgot to switch it on.Nonetheless,everything was alright.

Anyhow,our today's weather is same as usual.Only 2 days ago we had a sun with chilly breezes.Now it's back to freezing,which is no good for me.I insisted to stay and rather cooked my filipino goodies.Guess what it is?I cooked dried fish,instant noodles and a pot of rice for our lunch.It was so funny when my daughter came up with this comment about my dried fish.She said,Mum why do you eat that little cute fish,looked sweet,aren't they?Hahahahaha I can't help but laugh out loud.As usual she didn't have any but rather ate the noodles only.Since she was a little girl she always refused to eat dried fish.Just my observation,cooking dried fish here is much stinky than the philippines.It might have something to do with an un-opened window.It's actually reeks and revolting for hubby to noticed.But he can't do anything for I love to have a taste of home once in a while.He can take me or leave me![LOL]

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Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Photo Hunt Blogroll

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Great Family Blogs Tag!

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I been tagged by JennyMomof2lilangels for this great family blogs.This is a good way of learning other's thru hopping by each of their links given.I better have take this now.As I've said I love hopping and looking other's blogs,so this will be a great help for me.

Here are the rules:

1)Write a short paragraph at the beginning of your post and link back to the blog that put you on the list in the paragraph. This isn’t a suggestion. You need to break up the duplicate content string. Someone took the time to add you so the least you can do is give them an extra linkback.
2)Copy the list of originals below COMPLETELY and add it to your blog. If you would like a different keyword for your blog then change it when you do your post and it should pass to most blogs with that keyword.
3)Take the adds from the blog that added you and place them in the “Originals” list.
4)Add up to 5 new parenting or (Mommy/Daddy) blogs to the list in the “My Adds” section.

My Adds are:

The originals:

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Saturday, 24 March 2007


I love blogging and sharing news and pictures with my friends and family as well as news on what I am doing, I started when I was wanting to send pictures and news to my family back home. This week I found a great new place that lets me share my pictures with music, it produces really smart and fun results. I found it on

It’s cool because it is easy to use, very quick, the photos transition in different ways and move in time with the music. There are loads of others peoples music videos to see on the

site as well, so careful you could be there a long time like I was hehe

There are piles of songs to choose from so you can pick just the right one to go with your pics and make your family and friends laugh smile or cry as they enjoy what you send them, take a trip over to

and see what you think, I love it :-)

So go and check it out now!

Want to hear your friends voice all over the wolrd?

How high-tech we are today?After I log-in on to my 360 page,I went and visit my only interesting friend named "NAOMI".She is such a gorgeous and a little sweetheart.While reading her blogs I found this snapvine site on her latest entry.It's really cool and fun.Eventually I decided to create and account,if you scroll down at the bottom of my page you can see my voice comment's box.Cool,easy and fun,if not more.Im really impressed on this way of communicating and hearing our friends voice globally.Ti's a cheaper way,so what are you waiting for?Go and get one of your own!

Wish all of you a great weekend!


Thursday, 22 March 2007

Just a Little somthing to shares!

I'm now back to my world of scrapping.This is my new layout that I've just made not long hours ago.It is 19 mins past midnight here and yet I am still wide awake,huh.This is my only decent time for surfing when my kids are both asleep.Especially my son who is very distractive,who always seek attention.Everytime he sees me on my pc,he will just slowly plug it off,very annoying habit of him.It's so very nice for I am having a peace and quite moment of my own.

Today,I receive a post from Job Centre.I opened and it was my NI number.Wehey!Finally I got hold of it,it is safe in my hand already.Thanks goodness,I am getting there.

Meanwhile,my laziness is still on strike.Who would not?On this damn bad weather.Still freaking cold,even my radiator is on high,grrrrrrrrrrr......What went wrong?What about spring time?Hmmmmmmmm.....I don't care if I'm being called a wuss,as long as I can whinned on here.This been served as my comfort zone.I'm just not happy of the weather that's all.

Anyway guys I better go sleep now,for my beauty is badly need a rest.See ya all in the morning and thanks for all your visits my dear,dear friends!


Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Upset of the Weather!

Weather over here ain't great at all.I could not believe that we still have Snowy days on spring time.Literally,we had snow yesterday,an Icy raindrops or shall we call it a sleet snow.On the afternoon we had a solid ice falling and a snowflakes on the night.Horrible unfriendly weather we have at the moment and I so much hate it.

I pretty much sat down on my pc these days.It is more likely that my excitement is completely ruined.I am dissatisfied,discontent because I just totally missed the fun outdoors.Here's hoping....for a sun,pls grant my wish Lord!I'm so longing to feel the warmth of the sun.Im so bored here being lockep-up by my online pleasures.I'm already feed up that I cannot go out without wrapping myself up.[SIGH][HUH]

I had been attacked by my laziness lately,so I didn't wait for a second thought to hired a cleaner just for a day.I had known this Lady for 6 mo's already.She is also desperate to earn extra,so when I asked her favour to come around for a day and do my ironing and cleaning,she rushed straight away.[LOL]It ain't cheap so I better not used to it or else we will end up living on the street.At last I had chilled out after seeing our flat so tidy for the very first time,hahahahahahaha.

Sat down on my pc again,the ym window popped up and it was my sisters.They greated me a happy mother's day!It's kinda late but at least they remember,hehehehe.We chatted for few hours with cam of course and it was like we are in the same room altogether with our never endless laughters.Hubby and kids enjoyed as much as I do,because we had such a humurous conversation.Great...great time that was,really.Apart from seeing us through the live camera,they are also able to see the online pictures and video's that I've made.This has been the reason for my video's and photos updates days after days.

Before we ended our chats I took a picture of them through the webcam,because I really thought this is a great and sweet pictures of them together.

Isn't it sweet?

Ella,Anna and Leah

I so missed them....badly!

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Our Mother's Day!

I had a great day today.I am so happy once again,simply because my husband and kids made my day so special.They are just sweet,hilarious,loving and thoughtful especially when my daughter and son handling each of their cards on to me.It really made me laugh watching them both,so excited and rushing towards me(ga bakang2x jud si christian ug dagan aron dili ma-apsan sa Ate hehehe).So sweet and funny,really.

I know that we are celebrating ahead against the world,but I would just extend and shares this to all the mother's world wide.It really doesn't matter,is it?
Well,for me it don't matter at all.

How did we start our day?We had our breakfast at the cafe nearby the town.I had my favourite spanish omelette with chips and salad.My daughter ordered her favourite as well and so christian and daddy.Then we headed on to shopping mall and bought few things as Kath insisted to get me a present.Then we went back home and had few hours chilling.Hubby bought my software for scrapping.A macromedia fireworks 8 and it cost him $299.I am absolutely delighted since I dont need anything,this is a perfect gift for me.He definitely knows what would make his wife happy.Thank you so much my dearest bana:).

At 6pm Bana asked me what would I like for our dinner?I told him chinese would be great,dear!He then suggested that we could go out for dinner.I said.....YES!Hmmmmm......spoiled brat is on the loose!


Hubby already sent our documents last Friday the 16th of March for my Indefinite Leave To Remain application.As I was only granted for 2 yrs settlement visa and it has already expired.Then by next year I would be able to apply for a Citizenship in anytime.Only up to this time I realised that filipina wife are more expensive to have.This time my ILTR application did cost hubby $700,how much more the Citizenship?I am utterly horrified about this actually.I thought after I've done my spousal visa's in philippines,there is no need to pay on this residency thingy.How little did I know?Gush!What a world I'm living in.Glad that I didn't choosed to apply my ILTR in person or else it would cost us more.Basically,if I have to do my application personally,it would cost us a $1000.However you can have the result within an hour or so,depending on how long the queue is.But then,is it actually worth paying $300 more?For me,I rather mail my application because not only you can save $300 but also it's less hassle,isn't it?Perhaps 6 weeks is not that long anyway.Also it works for us as we have no plan to go abroad this year for we will be saving every penny we have to buy a bigger house on September.

Anyway so much for this ranting.....I would just wish everyone a happy monday instead before I end my entry!Thanks guys for all your never endless visits!


Our baby girl favourite' songs!

Do you ever feel bored at home?Nothing to do in your spare time?Grab this opportunity and join us in's fun and hilarious plus it's free.So come and sing with us!

Tuesday, 13 March 2007


March 8,2006(Thursday)

A biggest store in the town(Collingwood Bachelor)had a big sale!As a regular customer we were invited for an exclusive 20% off sale after sale.We grabbed some cups and some wine glass by Denby.Then we pursued into the clothes section and grabbed a polka dress for myself and for the kids as well.We also got some silver frames for my Father in law.

March 9,2007(Friday)

I had my interview in Woking Job Centre at 11 am for my National Insurance.We left in the house around 10:20 later than we planned of course.Glad we arrived on time.Hubby and our son was not allowed upstair.So I had to go up myself.My interviewer was a bummer.It was so annoying that he had to asked me the exact date of my first trip here.Not only that,he also asked where I stayed on that time,lol.How non-sense was that?Do he have to?It was kinda nerve-racking,you know.I wasn't prepared at all.Not only 5 or 10 question but thousands.I was like,what the heck!For getting a National Insurance Number?Do I have to go through all of these sh*t?Blimey!

Anyway at the end I got what I want.However,as I was told off by my interviewer for he mistakenly thought that our marriage contract was photocopy.I didn't reason out instead I had to take it out with hubby right after my interview and he said it was an original copy from NSO with a sealed on it.So,what can I do?I didn't know,not guilty.It's done![LOL]

As appointment success hubby had to treat me.He take me for a lunch.We went to Thai Restaurant at Reigate town.I had my favourite thai spicy chicken soup with coconut milk for my starter and thai noodles,one of their specialty and a green curry.It was delicious!This is what I used to order at Khru thai in SM cebu.Then we proceed to my dress shopping for a dinner night out on the next day.

March 10 2007(saturday night)

The 70th b-day of my dad in law.We had dinner party at Amberly Castle.My 2nd time on that special posh place.Awesome place!

March 11,2007(Sunday)

We had a dinner with my Mum in law.Weather was rather cool at 40%.Now its back to working days my dearest blog!

I would just shares some video.Made this montage for my family and friends of course!Enjoy!

Kath learning to play piano with grandma!

Thanks guys for all your thoughtful messages!

Wednesday, 7 March 2007

How to Use Colour to Distress?

Remember when you were a child opening a fresh new box of crayons or ready to dip your little brush in a clean cup of water and into a bright, never-been-used water color. You felt inventive, alive with possibility and choice. You could break free of pre-existing lines, combine colors, elongate familiar shapes or create surprising curves. Maybe adults needed to ask you what you were trying to communicate on paper, but you always knew and wondered, “Isn’t it obvious?” We are adults now and many of us have forgotten about color, opting for basic black or the safe monochromatic look that carries us from day to night. Why risk painting our walls in bold color when the various shades of white are safer and will surely match with a greater variety of furniture and knick-knacks?

Color has a powerful sensory appeal and many of us learn from visual cues. Researchers of integrative medicine study the impact of color on stress, relationships, productivity and healing. Understanding what different colors transmit and say about people can improve communication and engender respect and acceptance for personality differences. Why do we gravitate to certain colors, avoid others and how do they affect our energy levels? Color addresses the subconscious helping us to decode whether we like or dislike someone or how we feel in a particular room. We don't rationalize color like we do with words. We react to color. Therefore color can help us to decode and refine our intuition.

Change your colors periodically to open yourself up to other people as well as to change your own disposition and energy levels.

Here are some colors and what they might mean to you:
Orange is the color of cheerfulness
Red is bold and energetic
Blue is calming and soothing
Yellow is intellectually stimulating
Green is healing
Brown is earthy
Silver is spiritual
Purple is regal and powerful
So, if you need to transmit power during your office meeting, try wearing something purple. If you need more energy because you are tired, try wearing red; generally, the darker the color, the more earthy and concrete, the more pastel the color, the more spiritual and light.

Color -Centering Exercise:

Try this quick color centering exercise in the morning or whenever you need to re-gain your balance and empower yourself. Imagine that the center of your forehead is deep blue. This is where your creativity and inspiration reside. Next, your heart, no matter what you have done in life, is pure white. Your belly is golden, because you are a confident, golden child. Now align the three colors in a straight vertical line, like a traffic light: blue, white and gold. See, you are now in good alignment and can handle anything.

Saturday, 3 March 2007

A tagged from Shabem!

I have to right at least 5 things that I love....

1)Nike trainer shoes
2)mobile phones-any brand
3)loreal lipstick
4)max factor maskara
5)pantene shampoo/conditioner

thanks bem for the tagged!hope okey lang ni....hehehe

Scrapping to shares:

I was just browsing through my files and found my old picture and decided to scrap them.

Here is another one....Since I am also learning how to use the macro tools.Just for fun I was clicking and discovered that I can actually do my own design and no need for freebies hehehehe.

Anyway got to end here and I wanna grab the opportunity to thank you all guys for leaving me all your thoughtful messages.

Enjoy the sunday everyone!