Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Continuation of the Scrapping Challenge

elements:by glitter graphics
:Rhonna Farrer
Brushes:Macro Brushes
Stitch by Kit_azul infinita

paper:by floral background
elements:by glitter graphics
tags:Rosili blue jeans kit

elements:by 2 peas in a bucket/january kit
:glitter graphics
tags:Rosili blue jeans kit

papers by florals bg

An Entry for Agring Scrapping Challenge!

Modelo:My one handsome boy
Swirls:floral folklore kit by freebies4u
Tags:Rhonna Farrer
Flower elements:Rhonns Farrer

Model:Agring and Brad

Paper:Floral Background
Elements:Glitter graphics

Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Bad Breath is the fastest way to ruin a great first impression!

It's happened to all of us. You meet an attractive, well-groomed person who seems to have it all together. They're polished, they're neat, they obviously care about their image. You're feeling very positive toward this person. Until ...

They open their mouth...

And suddenly, you're knocked back by their terrible breath!!

How could it be? How could someone who clearly goes the extra mile to look (and smell) their best have such an offensive odor coming out of their mouth?

The fact is, bad breath is something many people are completely unaware of. It's very hard to tell what kind of odor is coming out of your own mouth, even though it's easy to recognize bad breath in your neighbor. It was often my experience as a dentist that people who were convinced their breath was terrible had little or no breath odor; it was always the worst offenders who didn't have a clue about it!

How to tell if you have bad breath

You can try licking the back of your hand and giving it a sniff. Or breath out into your cupped hand and immediately breath back in. But the best way to learn if your own breath is a problem is to ask someone you trust. This should be someone you know will be brutally honest with you, not someone who's going to tell you what they think you want to hear. If you can't count on your friends to tell you the ugly truth, then ask your dentist or dental hygienist. It's their job to inform you if your breath is offensive, and to examine your mouth for signs of oral diseases that might be contributing to the problem!

Food, Drink and Smoking

The most well known cause for bad breath is food. Garlic, onions and coffee top the list. Then there's man's favorite vices: tobacco and alcohol. Garlic, alcohol and nicotine are the most stubborn offenders because they contain odor causing substances that actually circulate in your blood stream for many hours. Coffee and nicotine can coat the back of your tongue and the tissues of your mouth, and the coating can be hard to remove. Smoking may even change the texture of your tongue, causing the taste buds at the back third of the tongue to grow long, kind of like a shag carpet. This makes a nice home for bacteria, and it's a real challenge to keep it clean!

Kissable or Killer; what kind of breath do you have?

Morning Breath

We're all familiar with "morning breath". You brush your teeth before bedtime, drift off to sleep with minty fresh breath, then awaken hours later smelling like rotten eggs!! How does that happen?!

The answer is something called Volatile Sulfur Compounds, or "VSC's". These VSC's are the by-products of bacteria that live in our mouths and multiply rapidly while we sleep. Because we don't salivate much while sleeping, the bacteria aren't washed away by saliva and the VSC levels skyrocket, resulting in that nasty rotten egg odor.

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is a common cause of breath, but this isn't common knowledge. Plain old stress and anxiety will dry out your mouth! And there are many, many medications (both prescription and over-the-counter) that can dry out your mouth. (Go back and read "morning breath" to learn why dry mouths are prone to bad breath.)

Post-Nasal Drip

If you have post-nasal drip, the back of your tongue can get coated with mucous. Proteins in the mucous are very attractive to odor-causing bacteria. Those bacteria feed on the proteins in the mucus and multiply even more, and, well, you get the picture. A few unlucky people will get colonies of bacteria growing in the folds of their tonsils (they sometimes harden into little "tonsil stones") where they're nearly impossible to reach.

What about Gum Disease?

There's a more serious cause for bad breath, a very common one in adults, called periodontal disease. This disease rarely hurts in its early stages, so always ask your dentist if you show the warning signs or have any known risk factors. Periodontal disease will cause terrible bad breath in its later stages, but by then you're in serious danger of losing your teeth! Don't wait until you need dentures to find out about this potential source of bad breath!!

Doesn't Bad Breath come from my Stomach?

In spite of claims made my manufacturers of "stomach deodorizing" products, breath odors rarely originate in your stomach. If they do, it's rarely because of what you ate or because of a "sour stomach". Breath odor that's truly coming from the stomach can be a warning sign of a more serious medical condition, and should be checked by your physician.

I Brush my Teeth twice a day. Could I still have bad breath?

Brushing alone won't clean all the areas where bad breath begins. Your tongue, your tonsils, and areas in between your teeth and under your gums can also collect odor-causing bacteria.

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  • Sunday, 25 February 2007

    Disapointment & A tag from Arlene!

    Once you live in a country where your husband were born and raised,you will get to the point that you would naturally embraced their cultures and everything.Not a long while ago,about 2 yrs,I moved and lived here in so called Blighty England.

    Liked others I have my favourites sports.Since I was a little girl I love tennis,volleyball,basketball,baseball,chess,dama,scrabble and etc.I used to play all sports in every Intramurals we had in our school.I am quite sporty and very enthusiastic.I've never liked football until I met a friend from here 6 yrs ago.He introduced me the football and since I am very sporty it was easy for me to loved the game.I had a little bit of knowledge about football because of history subject and the P.E.

    When I met hubby he was not a big fan of football/soccer but a rugby fanatic.He introduced me about rugby and also I had a little bit knowlegde about it since our school are into world sports.Never had any understanding that it is quite a rough game.I love rugby very quickly and I've witnessed 4 yrs ago the Victory of England.They won the world cup championships.They were world's best and it makes me proud as well as much as my husband does,lols.

    Since then most of the players retires and few only left.So they were building up another team to beat the world once again.But before that,there is a called 6 nations which are consist of England,Ireland,France,Scotland,Wales and Italy and it's usually done every year.Last year England was pretty useles and Ireland got the cup.Just few weeks ago another 6 nation's started.England won twice already but yesterday's game was appalling.Ireland bit them easily once again.I was so disappointed and so is hubby.We dont mind losing as long as the players are giving their best but obviously they don't.I can see them playing so badly that makes me want to kicked their asses and it seems they are out in their minds.Im so pissed about it.What had happen to the world's best?Where are the great players?Anyway my Idol Jonny Wilkinson did a great job as always and made most of the scores.

    Well,I have to see the next game.It would be next week against with France.But I would not hold my breath for I know France are also good.We will just wait and see.Goodluck England!Don't let your country down!

    Grrrrrrrr....this blog really help me a lot coz here I can rant long as I can.Thanks to this blogworld,lols!

    Happy sunday everyone!Thanks for all the nice thoughts!I really appreciates it all!

    Here is my guilt...A tag from Arlene!

    What is yours?
    Explain yourself
    Culinary: sea food pasta & chocolates They are simply tasty and I'm kinda addicted with it.
    Literary: Dictionary Because I can learn a lot from it especially slang words.
    Audiovisual: Brit-classic comedy Simply a cracking and really made me laugh and laughter is the best medicine especially when I miss my family back in pinas.
    Musical: R&B Stop me being bored
    Celebrity: Angelina Jolie,Julia Roberts,Reese wetherspoon,Ralph Fiennes,Sean Bean,Eric Bana,Richard Gere,Val kielmer I simply adores their acting.......

    Now I tag:-


    to complete this same Quiz, Its HERE.

    Tuesday, 20 February 2007

    Weekend summary updates

    On friday I went to visit my friend Ana in London.We just sat and chit-chat all day.The kids had so much fun playing.The weather wasn't great but was not bad either.Christian had fun playing the sand with my godson Harry.Christian even had a taste of the sand and decided that it wasn't yummy at all.[LOL]It was about 10 ish when we headed home but then realized that our timing sucked.All roads are close and the only option left was to drive down under the tunnel.So i was quite lucky for I can take a video while driving underneath.I was so fascinated by it and find it very clever.Little did I know that we were actually under the water.It freaked me out,really.

    Saturday we went to Crystal Palace and took the kids to the fun fair.We all had a blast.Arrived home late again and few hours later our son was burning hot.He had a temperature at 40,his highest fever ever.We put him directly in the warm water for few minutes then dose him up with Calpol suspension.Thank God his temperature dropped so quickly.

    Sunday I decided not to take the boy anywhere.I think he had enough of outing.I stayed at home with our son and Hubby had to take our daughter to her bestfriend birthday party as we promise.We had just to cancel our dinner with my in laws.Well at the end of the day when it comes to our children's health there would be no second thought.

    This is all for now and thanks girls for all your visits,tags and comments.

    Here are the video's....Enjoy viewing!!

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    Mangles Designs


    digital scrapbooking


    Roseli designs

    Fragmentos designs

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    Carola designs

    clohie designs

    Ale Madolon

    Saturday, 17 February 2007


    How’s everyone doing?Hope you all had great time spending quality hours of your love ones!
    Our’s was pretty good although hubby went to work very early before I got up.When I woke up,there were flowers,chocolates and cards in front of our bed.I was so touched and smiled while smelling the bunch of roses.It simply made my day.Then late afternoon he rang while he was on his way back home.I told him how sweet of him.Then he asked If what would I liked to do,so I said we won’t be able to go out for dinner because the little boy is off-colour and was sick all afternoon.So he said we will jus stay at home.When he actually arrived he gave me another Valentines present.It was an earings,a heart-shaped white gold earings.I simply told him remembering the Heart’s day and giving me flowers,chocolate and card was more than I could asked for.After he fixed dinner for us and we had a great time and of course to complete the Heart’s day we took some pictures for keepsake.
    This is all thank you…..also thanks for all the greetings guys…you all rock!
    here are some pics that I scrap….

    with my daughter